Six Dead and Numerous Injured in 133 Car Pileups in Texas.


A massive car pileup has resulted in multiple deaths and over 65 people treated at hospitals. Icy roads and freezing rain caused tragic accidents. The accident included 133 cars and 18 Wheelers.

Big truck accidents in Texas

The colossal accidents happened on Interstate 35 W just North of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The pileup was over 1/2 a mile long. Numerous fire Departments and police were dispatched to deal with the tragedy. Six have lost their lives, although identities have not been released pending the nest next of kin. Over 65 people have been treated so far; authorities expect additional injuries to be treated due to the massive car and truck wreck.

Numerous health care providers were headed toward work and involved in the early morning pileup. Four police officers were hospitalized, and three of those had been on their way to check in for work. One officer was injured at the scene while helping. Fortunately, all four police officers have been released from the hospital.

Cars, trucks, and 18 Wheelers were involved in the crash when many vehicles lost control, and the impacts kept occurring behind them. Photographs from the fire Department showed big rigs piled one on top of another. Wrongful death truck accident lawsuits are expected.

It took hours to clear the site from the wrecked vehicles and investigate the accident. The investigation process will take weeks, given the number of crashes. With the cold weather, authorities were also concerned with hypothermia and keeping everyone safe.Ft Worth Pileup

Roads Not Sanded

Texas drivers are unaccustomed to driving in ice or snowy conditions. And Texas is not equipped the same as states that face icy conditions regularly in the winter. Typically, salt or sand is applied as early as possible when roads are icy. Inclement weather is foreseeable, and some are asking hard questions about why the streets were in the condition they were at the time of the pileup.

In this instance, a thorough investigation is expected into the entities responsible for the roadway’s maintenance and safety.

The Fort Worth office of Emergency Management set up a special hotline so people may find their loved ones involved in the crash.

The Cold Front Across Texas

This unfortunate incident was not alone in the state of Texas. Since Wednesday, numerous people have died in car and truck accidents in Texas. Many have been injured, and most recent crashes involved, at least in part, ice or rain and slick roads.

Extra Caution Required

When roads are icy or wet, drivers must use extra caution when on the highways, especially since the speed limits tend to be much higher. Reducing speed is a must when facing snow or icy conditions. Professional truck drivers are required to use extra caution in adverse weather conditions. If the conditions are too dangerous, the truck drivers must pull over when they can do so safely and proceed after conditions improve.

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