Preserving evidence after an accident

One very important issue in a number of personal injury cases is whether or not the evidence has been preserved. One would guess that the answer would always be yes, however that is not the case.

Some evidence by its very nature has a very limited life and will vanish after time. Skid marks on the roadway are a good example of limited life evidence. In the case of skid marks, it is not practical to preserve them; instead it is necessary to document them.

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Other evidence that has a very limited life would include debris from an accident. Actually, it is where the debris is found that is usually the important factor for accident reconstruction.

Big trucks usually are repairable after a truck accident, with the other vehicle involved in the accident usually being totaled out.

The condition of the big rig, both tractor and trailer can be a very important factor in some liability analysis after an accident. 18-wheelers are required to meet certain safety criteria and drivers and motor carriers are to ensure that the vehicles are safe.

If the condition of an 18-wheeler played a role in an accident, that is extremely powerful evidence for use in a truck accident lawsuit.

Preserving a vehicle that has been in an accident can be a very important part of a personal injury lawsuit. Many insurance companies have now been pushing to repair the big truck as soon as possible and put it back in service. The rationale for such action is quoted as “lost profits”, but in reality some part of that is an attempt to prevent the victim from gaining access to the vehicle before it is fixed.

Such items as the condition of the brakes and tires can be extremely important evidence. Additionally, the onboard computer that most big trucks now are equipped with contains information such as the speed of the vehicle and when the truck driver actually applied the brakes. Obviously, obtaining this information can be vital to a successful truck accident injury claim.

If you or loved one have been in an accident involving a big rig, or other commercial truck, contact a truck accident specialist as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that the important evidence gets preserved.

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