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We are proud to honor referral relationships with attorneys both out-of-state and in the state of Texas. Our record of delivering value to referral attorneys based upon our expertise in commercial vehicle accident litigation and courthouse success is well documented.

The State Bar of Texas rules require specific procedures related to referral of clients and we strictly follow the State Bar rules with respect to such referrals.

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Some of our recent or noteworthy results from commercial vehicle accidents.


Truck Accident- Wrongful death

Legal fee - $2,300,000

Expenses - $250,000


Truck Accident - spine injury

Legal fee - $2,000,000

Expenses - $140,000


Truck wreck - head injury

Legal fee – $1,700,000

Expenses - $109,000


18-wheeler accident- neck injury

Legal fee - $1,000,000

Expenses - $55,450


Big Rig Accident - wrongful death

Legal fee - $1,090,500

Expenses - $47,000