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Under ride accidents

The actual term “under ride accidents” is not in the mainstream of phrases that the average person hears much if any during their lifetime. An under ride is a term associated with a vehicle coming into contact with an 18 Wheeler, and becomes pinned underneath the trailer from behind, or in the middle. Many of these accidents occur as a rear end collision when a driver slams into the tractor-trailer combo. The extra height and clearance underneath the trailer make for a deadly combination when a standard height automobile collides into the back of cargo carrier.

Some are fortunate enough to walk away from such tragic semi truck accidents, but for most, it means almost instant death. Trucking companies and the Department of Transportation are always working on new ways to prevent and under-ride pinning of vehicles with enhanced safety lighting, and reflectors. The under carriage barrier that exists on the back of every commercial trailer does not always do it’s job during a rear end collision. More times than not, the barrier will just fold like it is made of recycled soda cans, or tin foil. The problem is that this safety feature is never really tested, and could be a place where the trailer maker cuts corners.

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There are times when a very small or sub compact car will try to change lanes, and will actually drive underneath the trailer. The driver will usually panic, and apply the brakes, this results in the rear wheels of the trailer running over the vehicle and crushing the car from the top down.

One other type of under ride accident that can occur, is when an 18 wheeler locks it’s brakes, and is in a full jackknife slide, the trailer comes up behind a slowing or stopped car or SUV, and collides with the upper portion of the vehicle, causing severe bodily injury, or worse yet, decapitation. The Baumgartner Law firm has handled numerous serious injury and wrongful death under ride truck accidents.

About four hundred drivers, and passengers in the United States are killed by this type of 18 wheeler accident every year, and public awareness should be higher about this potential type of accident than it is currently.

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