• Bad brakes on semi trucks It doesn’t take a Texas truck accident attorney to know that semi-trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars. Accident reconstruction textbooks even include formulas for calculating the stopping distance of a big rig and all of the leading software used by accident reconstruction experts Read More
  • Big rig tire blowouts Tire blowouts on big tractor-trailers is overwhelmingly common, and probably happens hundreds of times a day across the United States. Simple maintenance and inspections as each driver should perform during every stop along their route would prevent this happening almost entirely. An industrial tire under Read More
  • Criminal acts by truck drivers Truck accidents across the state of Texas are literally an everyday event. Because of the size of a tractor-trailer versus the size of a pickup truck or passenger car in most semi-truck accidents serious injury is a foregone conclusion. In the vast majority of 18-Wheeler Read More
  • Federal regulation of trucking companies Truckers are regulated by the FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY REGULATIONS, which provide comprehensive rules that both driver and Motor Carrier must follow. There are a few exemptions from the Regulations, but if the truck travels state to state the company and driver have to comply Read More
  • Truck maintenance Poor maintenance of 18-wheelers A state did a study recently on the correlation between defective mechanical parts and equipment on semi-trucks and the likelihood this will lead to a truck accident. Their findings were released in a national report – and were nothing short of Read More
  • Truckers insurance coverage Most truck accidents involve serious injury and /or death. Because a typical rig can weight up to 80,000 pounds, occupants of a 4000-pound passenger car have little chance to escape serious injury on impact. Given the serious injury potential of large commercial vehicles the minimum Read More
  • Types of commercial vehicles involved in accidents Dump trucks A dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. A typical dump truck is a commercial vehicle used to transport trash to landfills and in addition to the normal truck accident scenarios, a Read More
  • Negligent trucking companies   Every truck accident lawsuit is going to involve not only the truck driver but also the motor carrier  who is legally responsible for the driver and the vehicles.   Companies are usually held responsible for an accident under a legal doctrine called “respondeat superior“, Read More
  • Speeding trucks When a commercial truck driver steps behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler the responsibility as a professional driver is different from that of the normal person driving their passenger car. A tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds without a special permit. An 18 Read More
  • Tractor – Trailer Wreck Lawsuits Commercial vehicle crashes involve different vehicles from normal car to car or car to pick up truck wrecks. The vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and require maintenance and care above and beyond a passenger car in order to safely operate on the roadways. Read More
  • Improper Training Claims Under the federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations a trucking company has an obligation to ensure that the truck drivers they place on the roadway are experienced and capable of safely operating the big truck. Section 391 provides the minimum safety standards for qualification of drivers Read More
  • Improperly loaded trucks Some of the 18 wheeler accidents that happen in Texas are as a result of a commercial truck not being loaded properly. Trucking safety regulations provide that “no person shall drive a commercial motor vehicle and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a Read More
  • Interstate vs. Intrastate motor carriers Many people confuse the two words interstate and intrastate on a daily basis, there is clearly, a big difference in the definition of the two, and there is quite a bit of depth to their meaning when it comes to the appropriate certification for each Read More
  • Issues Involved in 18 Wheeler Accident Cases Whenever there is a motor vehicle accident the question becomes who is at fault for causing the crash. That is always the main issue in every case involving a car accident or an 18-wheeler. However, truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to additional rules Read More
  • Negligent Hiring Claims Negligent hiring is a basis for establishing negligence on the part of an employer and is used in many different personal injury cases. In the trucking context, negligent hiring usually relates to a truck driver who is on the job but fails to meet the Read More
  • Who is responsible Texas truck accident lawyers know that there usually is more than one cause of an 18 wheeler accident. Most times it is a truck driver who was speeding or who was inattentive to the road ahead. In any case, you can be assured that the Read More
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