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Improperly loaded trucks

Some of the 18 wheeler accidents that happen in Texas are as a result of a commercial truck not being loaded properly.

Trucking safety regulations provide that “no person shall drive a commercial motor vehicle and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a person to drive a commercial motor vehicle unless–

1. The commercial motor vehicle’s cargo is properly distributed and adequately secured.”

This main concept applies to many of the loading accidents that happen on Texas highways frequently. Additionally, the safety regulations applicable to truckers and motor carriers also provide for limitations on how the load is secured, how other equipment is secured and steps that a truck driver must take to ensure his cargo and equipment is properly secured.

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Not only must a truck driver ensure his load is properly secured when he begins the trip but he is required to re-examine the cargo and how it secured periodically during his trip. Customarily re-examination is supposed to occur when a driver changes duty status or after the truck driver has driven for three hours or 150 miles.

There are other specific regulations, which apply to truck drivers, and motor carriers that cover things such as restricting the driver’s view.

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