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Houston dump truck accident attorney

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An accident with a dump truck is much more likely to result in serious injuries than the same accident involving car to a car crash. The sheer difference in weight makes the difference and magnifies the potential for catastrophic injuries. Drivers must follow special safety rules for operating a dump truck because of the weight and size of the truck.

Persons injured, and dump truck accidents caused by the dump truck driver may have legal compensation by filing a personal injury claim against the dump truck driver and their company. Our dump and 18-wheeler accident attorneys have over 35 years’ experience in maximizing compensation for injured victims.

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How Dump Truck Accidents Happen

The vast majority of accidents involving dump trucks have one key factor in common, driver error. Often the driver will not see innocent victims who are in the blind spots of the dump truck. Drivers also frequently fail to yield the right-of-way and disregard traffic signs or run a red light.

What to Do After Getting Hit by a Dump Truck

If a loved one is hurt in an accident involving a dump truck, several things are necessary to do that will help document the evidence and protect your claim. Here are a few items:

  • Take cell phone pictures at the scene and vehicles.
  • Get the name and telephone number of any independent witnesses.
  • Call the police and get an incident number from the police.
  • Keep a record of any statements of the dump truck driver regarding fault.
  • Seek necessary medical care.
  • If you go to the emergency room, listen carefully to the doctor’s instructions and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Do not give a recorded statement to the adjuster for the dump truck company.
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How to Prove Fault in a Dump Truck Accident

Serious injury accidents are almost always carefully investigated by police officers. However, the opinions of the officers might not be admissible at trial depending on the way they investigated and the officer’s qualifications.

Most people assume that if the officers find the dump truck driver caused the accident that that is the end of the story regarding liability. That is not the case. Responsibility for causing an accident must be proven by showing the driver was at fault. Sometimes, expert witnesses called an accident reconstructionist are used to re-create the accident and explain to the jury who caused the wreck. Other times, the testimony of the parties or that of witnesses who saw what happened will establish liability for a jury.

Dump truck employers can be responsible not only for their driver’s actions under respondeat superior but also if they were not careful in hiring the commercial driver or violated the safety rules such as ensuring the safety of the vehicle itself or that the drivers worked within the appropriate hours they are allowed to drive.

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Experience Matters with Truck Wreck Attorneys

Our Houston garbage truck accident lawyers have been holding commercial drivers and garbage truck companies responsible for decades and are extremely proud of our winning track record. Our record for our clients in commercial vehicle crashes is second to none! We have been getting multi-million dollar settlements for decades on semi-truck accidents.

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We have been blessed by receiving commercial vehicle accident referrals, and serious injury car crashes from defense lawyers who want the best representation for their friends and family members.

We strictly limit the number of new cases we accept to those involving serious injury or wrongful death. By restricting the cases we take to only those with substantial damages, we can better devote the time and resources to winning your case.

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