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Truck maintenance

Truck maintenance

Poor maintenance of 18-wheelers

A state did a study recently on the correlation between defective mechanical parts and equipment on semi-trucks and the likelihood this will lead to a truck accident. Their findings were released in a national report – and were nothing short of shocking.

Researchers began by looking at a number of semi-truck accidents that focused on trucks recently examined by the state highway patrol for dangerous and faulty problems. These truckers were ticketed and required to respond within a short period of time. When a semi-truck is found to be “out of service” with bad brakes it is 1.8 times more likely to be a cause of a semi-truck accident according to another national study.

When several of these 18-wheelers were subsequently involved in a collision – experts involved in the study set out to determine the extent to which the defective parts were at fault. In the end, the findings pointed to the fact that over three-quarters of the trucks had defective parts. Of these, over half of these had defective brakes and another quarter of them had problems with their steering. Additionally, the condition of the poor truck tires can be a serious issue, particularly on the front of the big rig.

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Only a third of the trucks in the study did not have defects.

Conclusions for this study include the fact that the highway patrol should have greater authority to immediately detain and deny use of a semi-truck until the problems are adequately addressed through the repair or replacement of defective parts. In addition, there needs to be an increase in the number of highway patrol whose time is dedicated solely to stopping and checking the safety of semi-trucks.

Finally, trucking companies and drivers should face steep fines for operating equipment that places themselves and the driving public in danger.

Ultimately, the trucking company has legal responsibility for ensuring proper maintenance is done on the trucks and that the tractor-trailers are in safe operating condition.
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After a truck accident, the victim’s family does not care if the truck driver or motor carrier received a citation for causing the truck accident- only that the trucking company be held accountable for the damages they caused.

The complete accident report is sometimes not admitted into evidence in a Texas truck accident lawsuit- making early investigation in some instances very important.

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