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Truck accident injury


Some of the common causes of truck accident injuries are:

  • Driver negligence–such as distraction or inattention or following too closely
  • Inexperienced truck drivers
  • Speeding Trucks
  • Improperly maintained vehicle
  • Hazardous driving conditions
  • Driver fatigue

Given the difference in size between most commercial vehicles and the typical passenger car or pickup truck, the small vehicles and their passengers typically are the ones who are injured in an 18-wheeler accident. Although truck drivers themselves sometimes get hurt, the majority of times, after a truck accident, the truck driver walks unharmed.

With an 80,000-pound vehicle, even a low-speed collision can lead to extensive and serious personal injury. Many truck accident injuries are caused at speeds under 35 miles an hour. When an 18-wheeler is traveling at highway speeds and impacts a passenger car, a fatality can be expected. In some instances, truck accidents have wiped out entire families in a matter of a few seconds.

Seek Medical Attention

One important consideration for your health and a truck accident injury claim is to seek appropriate medical care as early as possible. Not only will seeking medical attention promptly aid in your recovery from a truck accident, but it will also serve to document your personal injury claim to the insurance carrier. See our article about the first steps after a truck wreck.

Delays in seeking medical care are common when the accident victim is in shock and does not feel the consequences of the injury until the next day or two. Another factor that is critical for victims to understand is that emergency rooms are for emergencies. Once the truck accident victim has been diagnosed with a non-life-threatening injury, the emergency room will discharge you with instructions to follow up with your doctor.

Many times victims to have clean x-rays believe that they are okay, only to find out months down the road that an MRI reveals a serious spinal cord injury that may even require surgery. Here are 5 steps after an 18-wheeler accident injury.

Avoid Dealing With Adjusters

Insurance companies are trained to deal with accident cases. They are out to save money on a claim and are not on your side. Hire a real truck accident attorney are let them deal with the insurance adjuster. 

Go to Trucking Accident Specialists

I always recommend that 18-wheeler accident victims seek medical care from a specialist.

Head injury victims should seek attention from neurologists who specialize in head injuries. Spinal cord injury patients should seek orthopedic specialists who deal with spinal cord and neck injuries.

Many times a general practitioner is not set up to handle serious injury cases from 18-wheeler accidents. To get the best settlement from a truck crash, find the best truck accident attorney near me.

Truck accident attorneys in Texas

If you or a loved one have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident and would like to speak with a truck accident lawyer please contact our experienced truck wreck lawyers for a free no-obligation consultation on your truck accident case.


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