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Who is responsible

Texas truck accident lawyers know that there usually is more than one cause of an 18-wheeler accident. Most times it is a truck driver who was speeding or who was inattentive to the road ahead. In any case, you can be assured that the insurance carrier for the trucking company will want to try to make the responsible person the victim or some other person or entity.

Sometimes the responsibility lies solely with the truck driver, such as when a driver is following too close or speeding and causing a crash. And other times, the motor carrier and other times third parties such as a maintenance company or even a manufacturer of a tire or the truck itself may be partially responsible for the accident or the resulting injuries or wrongful death.

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One of the main reasons that victims need to select competent Texas truck accident attorneys is their experience in identifying the cause of the truck accident and making sure that proper parties are sought to be held accountable. Some examples of potentially responsible parties are:

  • Truck Driver
  • Truck Company/Motor Carrier
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Loading Entities
  • Manufacturer of the Tractor or Trailer
  • Manufacturer of Tires or Components

If you are involved in a Texas truck accident it is important that you ensure that the evidence is preserved and that an early investigation takes place. In some cases, it is critical that the tractor-trailer or big rig be inspected soon after the accident and before being placed back in service or sold for scrap.

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