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Holding Parties Responsible for 18-Wheeler Wide Turn Truck Wrecks

Holding parties responsible for 18-wheeler wide turn truck wrecks.


wide truck truck accident

Each year, thousands of people across the United States are seriously injured in accidents with 18-wheeler trucks. This includes innocent motorists across the state of Texas who end up injured or killed, as the result of collisions with 18-wheelers.

There are some relatively common causes of 18-wheeler truck wrecks in Texas, and elsewhere in the United States. One of the more common types of big rig accidents stems from driver negligence associated with wide turns made by a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. Inexperienced drivers are especially likely to be involved in a wide turn truck accident.

If you have been in an 18-wheeler wide turn truck wreck, there are some important matters you need to bear in mind when it comes to your legal rights. You need to understand how to protect your vital interests in the aftermath of an 18-wheeler wide turn wreck.

The Squeeze Play

One of the recurring types of accidents resulting from an 18-wheeler wide turn commonly is referred to as the “squeeze play.” A squeeze play accident occurs when an automobile ends up on the inside of big rig’s turning maneuver. As the truck completes the turn, the trapped automobile can end up being crushed by the trailer. This scenario can end in the death or serious injury of a person in the trapped automobile.Lawyer for wide turn truck accident

The squeeze play situation develops when the 18-wheeler operator has failed to pay proper attention to vehicles around the big rig at the time a turn is commenced. The driver and passengers of the trapped auto end up literally at the will of the semi driver. If the big rig operator never realizes the presence of the automobile, a true catastrophe can occur.

The Swinging Turn

Another of the common types of 18-wheeler wide turn wrecks is called the “swinging turn.” With a swinging turn, the rear of a trailer can end up into the lane of oncoming traffic in an instant as a turn to the right is being negotiated by a rig operator. Because the movement of oncoming traffic can happen in a beat, oncoming motorists can be put into peril.

Identifying All Negligent Parties

18-wheeler wide turn wrecks nearly always occur because of the negligence of the truck driver. The operator is not paying proper attention to his or her surroundings when he or she commences a turn.

Most wide turn truck collisions happen because the truck driver just did not pay attention to other traffic.  A truck accident cause by a wide turn is an example of driver error. Driver errors after frequently caused by inexperienced drivers or ones who have less than adequate training.

There are rare instances in which a mechanical issue can exaggerate a turn, resulting in the truck manufacturer or parts supplier also being at fault in a wide turn wreck.

The owner of the truck or trucking company will nearly always be a party, in addition to the rig operator, through the legal theory of agency or employer- employee relationship known as respondeat superior.

Agency holds an employer responsible for the negligence of an employee when the conduct of the worker occurs within the course and scope of the employer’s business.

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