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Fatal 18-wheeler accident in montgomery county

Truck accident in montgomery county.

A tragic accident recently took the life of a man in Montgomery County last night. A Nissan Sentra apparently struck an 18-wheeler and then spun out of control and was struck by another big rig.

The fatal accident 18-wheeler accident happened on East Boulevard near the intersection of Troy Highway according to reports. No information has been released about the identity of the victim pending notification of next of kin.

Montgomery County investigating authorities are investigating the fatal truck accident. But Harris County leads Texas in fatal trucking accidents.

How Authorities Investigate Fatal Crashes

When tragic accidents turn fatal the investigating authorities in Texas generally call on experts to evaluate exactly what their opinion is of the cause of the crash. This is usually the case when there are no eyewitnesses or the cause of the accident is in doubt.

Typically, authorities will measure the accident scene with a digital device and plot the locations of the vehicles as well as critical evidence. In some accidents, DPS will conduct a computer-aided reconstruction of the truck accident and in others, they or other investigators may not. If someone died in the crash, the truck driver will be drug tested within hours of the crash.

Also, the police or Texas DPS will often download the event data recorder or “black box” from the vehicles.

How Trucking Companies Respond to Being Held Responsible

If a truck accident looks to be the fault of the truck driver, defense interests usually retain their own experts to testify in a manner consistent with the defenses they intend to bring. Some experts charge in excess of $300 an hour for their work for the victim’s attorney or the insurance company. When serious exposure exists for an insurance company after a fatal truck accident the defense mounted by the insurance carrier will be significant.

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