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Why Hire Truck Accident Lawyer Greg Baumgartner?

Why Hire Truck Accident Lawyer Greg Baumgartner to represent you after an accident?

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Undefeated and Highest Rated Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

In over 35 years we have NEVER LOST A TRUCK ACCIDENT CASE. Our unmatched results include countless multi-million dollar wins and settlements from truck wrecks.

Looking for a Top-rated Truck Accident Attorney?

Here are compelling reasons to hire our truck accident attorneys:


Niche Commercial Vehicle Accident Practice

We have worked hard over the last three decades to win a reputation as the leading truck accident attorney in Texas. We handle big rig accidents daily and limit the cases we accept to serious injury or wrongful death. We have been winning trucking cases for decades. Proving negligence by the truck driver or negligence by the motor carrier is what we do. Plus we are UNDEFEATED in truck accident lawsuits.


Experience Counts

Some people make the mistake of assuming that every personal injury attorney has the same experience and success when it comes to commercial vehicle accidents. Many attorneys post big numbers for results, but closer scrutiny will show that not much of that comes from actual truck wrecks but from other types of cases like class actions and business claims. That is not so with our truck accident law firm. We do truck accident injuries and have the wins to prove it!

If you are looking for the best truck accident attorney near me, call us for a free consultation. The earlier you retain our firm the sooner we can start the investigation of your accident.

We Are The Attorney’s Choice

We are extremely proud that attorneys in Houston, across the state of Texas, and out-of-state, routinely refer their clients, friends, and family members to us after a serious injury or wrongful death truck accident.

When your colleagues trust you to handle the case for their family and friends it speaks volumes about what we do. Our reputation with truck accident cases has been earned over 30 years by hard work and dedication to our clients.

Highest Rated

Some of our accolades include a preeminent rating in truck accident litigation by, a perfect 10 Avvo rating, Top Lawyers, Top Truck Accident Lawyers, Houstonia, Super Lawyers, Lead Counsel rated, and AV rated for over 30 years among many others.

Quick Response Team

We are the only law firm in the greater Houston area that maintains a truck accident quick response team for serious injury and wrongful death truck wrecks. The importance of early investigation of a big rig crash can’t be overstated! Our law firm also handles car accident cases.

Call The Top-Rated Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX, Greg Baumgartner

We are very selective about the cases we accept. By being selective, we are able to devote the time and resources to winning your case and maximizing your damages.

All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. If you don’t get money, you don’t pay a dime!


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