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Improper Training Claims

Improper Training Claims

Truck Driver Training Required

Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, a trucking company must ensure that the truck drivers they place on the roadway are experienced and capable of safely operating the big truck.

The trucking company must do proper training for truck drivers.

Section 391 Addresses Training

Section 391 provides the minimum safety standards for the qualification of drivers under the FMCSR. Many companies specialize in training professional truck drivers to meet the standard set by federal regulations.

Such training is insufficient to establish that the truck driver is qualified to operate the specific equipment he is driving and can do so safely. A commercial motor vehicle driver’s license is the minimum required to operate a commercial motor vehicle, but that does not mean that the truck driver has been adequately trained.

Section 390.3 provides:

Every driver and employee shall be instructed regarding and shall comply with all applicable regulations. This requirement ensures that the trucking company shall have an ongoing safety policy that helps ensure that the truck driver is safe and knowledgeable of the safety rules that apply to the truck, trailer, and driving.
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Inadequate Training is Usually Discovered in a Lawsuit

Discovery in a truck accident lawsuit usually involves the safety director and analysis of the safety training received by the truck driver involved in an accident. The larger the trucking company, the more likely they have a proactive safety division that works hard to reduce the number of truck accidents and, therefore, claims against the company.

For example, truck drivers must allow a cushion of safety between traffic ahead because big rigs take much longer to stop.

Another example would be operating a big truck in a way to prevent a rollover or a jackknife.

Larger Motor Carriers Have Safety Departments

Alternatively, the smaller the trucking company, the less likely it is to have a proactive safety department focused on keeping the equipment in safe operating condition and the truck drivers properly trained.

Unfortunately, the shortage of truck drivers has caused training to suffer.

Serious Injury Accidents with Big Rigs Should be Investigated

Driver training can be a part of a truck accident investigation after a serious injury or fatal crash. Getting a top-rated truck accident attorney is vital to the investigation.

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