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Interstate 10 Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer

Interstate 10 is the 4th longest interstate highway in the United States and is only shorter than I -90, I -80, and I -40. Interstate 10 runs from coast to coast and stretches from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, and Houston. It is one of the highways in Texas that sees the most tractor-trailer truck accidents.

About Interstate 10 in Texas

Interstate 10 in Texas runs from the state line with New Mexico through the state and past Beaumont, Texas, to the Louisiana border. In Houston, the interstate highway is called the Katy Freeway. The Katy Freeway has recently been widened to as many as 26 lanes and is one of the highest-traveled highways in the country.

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Interstate 10 Accident Lawyer

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High Speeds Mean More Big Rig Wrecks

On portions of Interstate 10 in Texas, the posted speed limits have increased since September 2011 to 85 mph. This is not a good situation for a highway so traveled by big rigs. Speed or speeding trucks are generally one of the more prevalent factors in a serious injury or wrongful death accident.

Often, speed can play a factor in an 18-wheeler accident when the tractor begins traveling at a rate of speed different from the trailer. After a certain point or a “point of no return,” a big rig will jackknife if the tractor and trailer speeds are sufficiently different to preclude the truck driver from maintaining control of the vehicle. This type of accident–called a jackknife accident, usually happens when a truck driver inputs excessive steering or there is a disparity in braking between the tractor and the trailer.

Large Number of Trucks on I-10

Interstate 10 in Texas has many semi-truck accidents in Houston, partly due to the high-speed limits and in part due to the sheer number of tractor-trailers traveling on I-10 daily. I-10 is rated as one of the most dangerous highways in Texas. A good portion of fatal accidents on I-10 involves big rigs.

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