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18 –wheeler wreck shuts down Houston highway

Wreck shuts down houston highway.

Interstate 10 was closed for almost 24 hours after a recent truck wreck. It took workers almost a full day to repair the damage that was done by a big rig hauling steel when it rolled over near downtown. The accident caused major damage to the interstate roadway and shut the highway down for a full day.

All lanes going west on Interstate 10 at the North Freeway were closed while workers worked round-the-clock to fix the roadway. Not only did the truck accident shut the highway down but again a commercial vehicle accident inconvenienced thousands of Houstonians seeking to get to work.

Although the Texas DOT indicates that they will recoup the costs of emergency repairs from the insurance carrier for the commercial vehicle, no one is compensating the Houston community for the inconvenience of having a major highway shut down for a full day.

It seems we have a commercial vehicle accident that frustrates commuters at least weekly in the greater Houston area. Interstate 10 and Interstate 45 both have been closed in the last month due to a big rig wreck.

Were Regulations Violated?

Federal regulations govern not only the condition of the truck but also the hours worked by the truck drivers themselves. Many accidents occur when a truck driver is simply tired and unable to focus on driving. Under the new regulations, truck drivers can drive up to 10 or even 11 hours per day. Many accidents occur simply because the driver was drowsy at the time of the accident.

While the trend lately has been to give truck drivers the benefit of the doubt when implementing new rules and regulations, it is high time that the Department of Transportation considered communities in addition to the truck drivers and trucking companies.

Interstate 10 Truck Accidents

I-10 is one of the Texas highways that have the most truck accidents involving big rigs.  One reason is the traffic congestion and the number of tractor-trailers traveling I-10 each day.  Unfortunately, wrecks with 18-wheelers tend to be severe injuries or worse.

Our Lawyers have Helped Many After a Crash on I-10

While we have been fortunate in the Houston area that most truck accidents that have blocked traffic did not involve fatal crashes involving other vehicles, the impact on the community is significant. Our trucking accident attorneys have been helping victims of an I 10 truck accident for over 30 years.

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