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Semi truck wreck on i – 10

Semi truck wreck.

Another Houston big truck accident occurred this morning during rush hour traffic on Interstate 10 and Gregg Street.

The crash snarled traffic for hours this morning. The two main traveled lanes and the shoulder lane of Interstate 10 were blocked, and the intersection of Gregg Street at the underpass was also shut down.

Photographs of the crash showed that the big rig was hanging off the overpass in danger of falling. The commercial vehicle included only the tractor and not the trailer at the time of the crash. This was a one-vehicle accident and it is unknown at this time how the professional truck driver lost control of the tractor.

According to reports, the roadway was blocked for approximately two hours while wreckers cleared the scene. The 18-wheeler also damaged a safety barrier on the overpass.

Truck accident I-10

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See other photos here.

Houston seems to be plagued with tractor-trailer accidents that occur during rush hour traffic on our major highways Interstate 45 and Interstate 10. Over the last several months Houston has had numerous truck accidents that detained Houston commuting traffic for hours. In some cases, diesel fuel was spilled on the highway, which complicated the cleanup and the reopening of the highways.

The cost to the community for these professional truck drivers’ negligence in maintaining control of their vehicles has been significant both in damage to the roadway and infrastructure and more importantly the intangibles of the lane several thousand people for two or more hours.

It’s easy to chalk up the delay caused by a big truck crash to Houston traffic conditions but on closer examination most if not all of these accidents could have been avoided with reasonable care on the part of the truck driver or other motorist.

Some truck crashes occur because the truck driver chooses to drive his vehicle during adverse weather conditions. Should the conditions get serious enough a truck driver is required to pull the tractor-trailer off the roadway and wait until conditions improve according to the federal trucking regulations.

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