Tanker truck crash snarls houston traffic

Houston highways were backed up for miles when a semi truck rolled over near the exit ramp of Interstate 59 and southbound West Loop. The truck crash occurred about 6 o’clock in the morning and delayed commuters for hours.

Drivers headed northbound were rerouted to an alternative route given the backed up dropping and the need for hazmat material work.

The big rig which was carrying methanol rolled over and the hazardous material needed to be drained from the tank and then refilled with water. This process takes time and can be dangerous as the potential for fire always exists with flammable materials such as methanol.

Hazardous material crews were called after the accident to ensure that there was no fuel spilled on the roadway and also to help secure the site in order to protect the public. The risk of fire or explosion when the tanker truck rolls over is one that the investigating officials are not willing to chance.

Apparently there was damage to the buffer between the exits and also to several signs. The full extent of the damage to the community is not known at this time.

There’s no doubt that this tanker truck accident negatively impacted the Houston community in ways that cannot easily be measured. Sure, the damage to the roadway and the signs can be valued and repairs instituted but the human costs of thousands of Houstonians being late to work or missing flights cannot easily be calculated.

There is little that is as frustrating as being stuck in traffic for hours due to neglect or negligence on some other person’s part. When a tanker truck crashes, particularly at a major intersection such as this, the traffic must be shut down and literally thousands if not tens of thousands of people are delayed.

Hopefully, the truck driver was not injured in the accident. There is no report at this time whether or not the truck driver was hurt or exactly how the rollover truck wreck occurred. What we do know is that thousands of Houstonians were delayed due to the semi truck crash.

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