Slight Increase of Fatal Truck Wrecks in 2013


While many individuals may be aware that automobile crashes, unfortunately, occur seemingly on a day-by-day basis, few are privy to the fact that the type of car can also factor into both the seriousness of the crash and the potential for injuries and fatalities.

In this regard, large trucks can often intensify the seriousness of the crash, resulting in more injuries and even death. As one can imagine, this is largely due to the fact that trucks, in comparison to cars, are harder to drive, can be more susceptible to difficulties during inclement weather or dangers on the roadway, and can simply cause more damage due to their size.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are two types of truck wrecks that can occur: those that involve passenger cars, motorcycles, or bicyclists, and wrecks that are considered trucking accidents.

As the NHTSA notes, “a trucking accident occurs when large trailers (10,000+ lbs.) collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.” The research also notes that one out of every eight traffic fatalities involve a trucking collision, which gives the approximation of 5,000 trucking accidents resulting in fatalities.

With this in mind, one may wonder if the nature of these accidents is on the downswing or upswing as this information can help everyone from those who want to be more cautious on the road, to insurance companies that want to make better determinations of potential accidents.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in association with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has presented a series of “Traffic Safety Facts” as part of its regular research and statistics release. According to the current research, there has been a slight increase for the number of truck wrecks in 2013.

Moreover, the research also speaks on the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks as well. As the research notes, there was a 0.5% increase in the number of individuals killed in crashes that have involved large trucks.

Additionally, the number of non-occupants killed during a large-truck crashes increased in Texas at a rate of 13% from 2012 to 2013, totally 49 individuals.

Texas Fatal Truck Wreck Statistics 2013:

  • Truck occupants killed in large-truck crashes: 0.9% Decrease
  • Single-Vehicle occupants killed in large-truck crashes: 0.9% Increase
  • Multivehicle occupants killed in large-truck crashes: 3.6% Decrease
  • Other vehicle occupants killed in large-truck crashes: 0.8% Increase
  • Non-occupants killed in a large-truck crashes: 13% Increase

All of these subgroups total to the 0.5% increase overall that was previously mentioned. As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one should be aware that these slight increases are due to the nature of there being lower number of truck-related crashes than those that involve non commercial vehicles.

However, as pointed out previously, large-truck crashes, when they occur, often increase the seriousness of the crash, raising the potential for injury or even death. In this vein, whether one is a truck driver or simply a regular driver one the roadway, one should be extra cautious, whether driving in a rural or urban environment, or on the US highway systems in Texas.



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