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Important Truck Accident Statistics in Texas

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Commercial trucks are a necessary part of our world, yet they can make driving on our roadways more dangerous.


We see quite a few 18-wheelers in the Houston area because it is one of the major hubs for transporting goods across the country.


Truck accidents can cause severe injuries and fatalities. In 2018, 3,639 traffic deaths occurred in Texas. A person was killed in a traffic accident about every two and a half hours. A person was hurt in an accident every two minutes, and a reportable crash happened every minute, on average.


About Commercial Vehicle Accidents


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) collects data from crashes across the state and compiles the information into reports. In 2018, 37,515 total crashes involved commercial vehicles in Texas. Six hundred-eleven people died because of a commercial vehicle crash, and thousands suffered injuries. One thousand three hundred sixty-seven people reported serious injuries as the result of a collision with a commercial vehicle. Texas is one state with the most truck crash fatalities.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also provides reports that include data for large truck and bus crashes in the United States. The most recent Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report is from 2017. Motor Carrier Safety Admin.


The report shows there were approximately 450,000 reported crashes that involved large trucks, and 4,657 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in the United States. Fatal truck crashes were more likely to occur on Interstate highways and rural roads.


Most of the fatal truck crashes occurred on weekdays, Monday through Friday. The majority of fatalities occur to occupants of the other vehicles, not to the occupants of the large trucks.

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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Common causes of truck crashes include instances where both vehicles are driving straight when the other vehicle is turning left, when the truck and the other vehicle are navigating a curve, and when the truck is stopped in a traffic lane. Moreover, many truck crashes occur outside the truck’s designated lane, off the road, or in other lanes. Loss of control of the vehicle is a factor in about 29% of large truck accidents, while collisions with the rear of another vehicle account for about 22% of crashes.

Most truck accidents involve collisions with other vehicles in motion, followed by collisions with fixed objects. Additionally, a notable percentage of truck crashes involve collisions with pedestrians, rollover accidents, and collisions with bicycles, scooters, or similar modes of transportation. Collisions with parked vehicles are among the less frequent causes of truck crashes.

Rear-end truck crashes happen when the truck driver did not allow a safety cushion.


Who is Most Likely to Be Injured in a Crash With a Big Rig?

In analyzing collisions involving large trucks, it becomes evident that occupants of vehicles other than the truck itself are at a significantly higher risk of being injured or even killed. This conclusion is supported by data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which clearly illustrates that in multi-vehicle truck accidents, occupants of non-truck vehicles bear the brunt of the injuries and fatalities.


Notably, a substantial majority of the individuals who lost their lives or sustained injuries in these incidents were occupants of vehicles other than the trucks involved. This pattern underscores the increased vulnerability of those traveling in smaller vehicles when confronted with large trucks’ immense size and weight during accidents.


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Texas Leads the Nation in Fatal Truck Wrecks

In 2019, the states that had the most fatal truck accidents were Texas with 579 incidents, California with 355 incidents, and Florida with 311 incidents. Following these were Georgia with 180, Ohio with 152, North Carolina with 148, Tennessee with 137, Pennsylvania with 129, Alabama with 127, and Illinois with 125 fatal truck accidents. The trend of Texas having the most serious truck accidents continues. The Texas DOT indicates that 716 people died in 2022 in accidents with commercial vehicles.


Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents


Trucks are common on our Texas roadways. You will likely drive near a truck at some point almost every time you get behind the wheel. It is essential to drive defensively and take special precautions when you drive near trucks.


Some factors can make trucks more dangerous than other vehicles, such as their size and weight.Big rig weight


If you see a truck driving in an unsafe manner, report it to the police. Try to obtain the license plate number and other information only if it is safe to do so.


Do not follow the truck or speed up to the vehicle. Instead, slow down and move away from the truck.


If you are hurt in an accident with a truck, it is critical to act quickly to obtain legal guidance.


Trucking companies have access to data; you will need to prove negligence. You may have compensation for your injuries from the negligent driver or trucking company.

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