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Harris County Has the Highest Commercial Vehicle Fatality Rate in Texas

Harris county highest vehicle fatality rate.


Each year the state of Texas is required to collect and analyze crash data gathered by Texas officers when filling out crash data reports.

The data is helpful to authorities for planning purposes and anticipating safety needs within the state of Texas. Currently, the state of Texas retains ten years of data from the crash reports.


One of the areas analyzed by the state of Texas is the number of crashes that involved commercial vehicles and injuries by County. In 2015, there were 505 fatal commercial motor vehicle crashes in the state of Texas. In those accidents, 601 people died, 1522 people were seriously injured, and another 4640 people were listed with non-incapacitating injuries and another 4800 with possible injury.


Overwhelmingly, Harris County had the highest number of fatal crashes, fatalities, and serious injuries from a commercial vehicle wreck. In one year alone, 37 people died in Harris County from commercial vehicle crashes in 1678 people were injured or possibly injured in a truck accident.

Dallas County was second in fatal crashes and injuries, followed by Travis County. Obviously, the denser the population, the more likely it is for a tractor-trailer crash.

In total, Texas had a traffic accident death toll of 3531 people in 2015, which was a very slight decrease in the number of deaths in 2014. There were also 13,616 serious injury crashes, with over 17,000 people seriously injured. About one-half of the fatal crashes occurred in rural areas.


One of the areas of concern throughout the state of Texas is traffic congestion, which leads to more accidents. Major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are much more likely to have traffic problems that lead to unnecessary crashes.

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Commercial vehicle accidents require speedy action on the part of the victims. Many trucking companies and their insurers seek to put the commercial vehicle back in service as quickly as possible, often voiding the black box data that may be available to help make the personal injury case.

Most injury truck accidents are caused by driver error or a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or a combination of both. For a no-obligation consultation with the go-to truck wreck law firm in Houston, call (281) 893-0760 to discuss your situation.


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