Should I Accept a Settlement Offer After a Truck Accident?


Truck accident settlementsGetting seriously hurt in an accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life. When the accident occurred with a truck, you may have suffered severe or life-threatening injuries and have mounting medical bills. There are several things to remember following a truck accident injury.

What to do Following a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries. It is essential to seek medical treatment immediately after a truck crash. Do not wait to see the doctor because it can become more difficult to prove that your injuries were caused in that accident.

Get Medical Help

The most important thing to do is to focus on your recovery. You can do that much more easily when you get help from a truck accident attorney. Your lawyer will handle the legal issues, so you won’t have to worry. Follow your doctor’s instructions and keep copies of all your medical records and bills.

Let Your Lawyer Deal With Adjusters

After an accident, the insurance company will likely contact you to make a statement about how the incident happened. Remember that the insurance company will record your response, so it is often best to discuss the matter with an attorney before you speak with the insurance representative.

Remember that the insurance adjuster may try to blame you for causing the crash or might minimize your injuries. The negligent truck driver or company should pay any damages that result from the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and money for pain and suffering, among other damages.

Investigate the Crash

Getting important evidence after an injury accident should be a priority. Hire an attorney to let them conduct the fact finding for the collision. An experienced commercial vehicle crash lawyer should do truck accident investigations.

Do Not Accept a Quick Settlement Offer

It is common for an insurance company to offer you a settlement rather quickly after an accident. The insurance adjuster knows that you probably need money to pay your bills and that you are most apt to accept a check.

Unfortunately, the initial offer is often too low, and it may not even cover all of your current and future medical expenses, let alone other costs you incurred because of the accident.

Many people do not know they can turn down an offer from an insurance company. It may be in your best interest to do so. When you accept a settlement offer and cash the check, you typically waive your right to take further legal action.

Do not accept the deal without consulting a qualified Houston truck accident attorney. Under no circumstances should you take payment until your injuries are healed.  You might have additional medical and rehabilitative costs.

Allow your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement that covers your financial needs. Most personal injury cases get settled out of court. However, sometimes, the case may need to go to court for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Large Trucking Companies Have Big Liability Insurance Policies

The bigger the company, the more liability coverage they carry for a crash. With serious injuries, always get the best lawyer in your area.

Companies like Ups or FedEx carry large insurance policies to pay damages.

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