Should I Talk to the Trucking Company’s Insurance Company After an Accident?

Don’t give a statement to the trucking company after a wreck



The hours and days following a severe truck accident are spent recovering from your injuries. Being involved in a crash with a truck is often a traumatic and life-changing experience. While concentrating on your health, the trucking company’s insurance company is probably tracking you down to obtain a statement.


They could offer you an insurance check quickly after the incident. Many people take this offer, but this could be a mistake. It is always best to discuss the matter with an experienced Houston truck accident attorney before you talk to the trucking company’s insurance company representative.


What the Insurance Company Does Not Tell You


The insurance company will want to talk to you to get a statement about the accident. Know that the insurance company records these conversations and can use what you say against you later. While the insurance company representative may sound sincere and compassionate, know the primary purpose is to reduce or eliminate the money the company pays for your damages.


If the truck driver or trucking company was negligent and the accident was more than half their fault, you are owed money for your injuries and other damages, such as lost wages and money for pain and suffering. The insurance company may offer you fast payment. Although it may be tempting to take this offer, you may deny it and should not agree to accept a settlement unless you are sure it is a fair amount.


If you agree to a settlement, you are signing away your right to take any further action. However, their settlement is often too low or does not include the damages you incurred. Personal injury car accidents require a skilled lawyer.


Why Seek a Consultation


Instead, talk to a qualified Houston truck accident attorney before you speak to the insurance company or accept their offer. At the very least, your injury must be healed before they provide payment. If not, you could find there are many additional medical and rehabilitative expenses you will pay for out of your pocket.


How an Experienced Houston Truck Accident Attorney Will Help


The last thing you need after getting hit by an 18 wheeler is to deal with insurance companies. You do not need stress in your life, especially at this challenging time. Instead, count on your attorney to handle the legal issues and protect your rights. You need guidance from an attorney with years of experience negotiating with insurance companies to obtain fair settlements for injured clients.

You deserve to get the compensation you need to pay for your current and future medical bills, costs for rehabilitative care, money for wages you lost due to the accident, and compensation for pain and suffering.


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