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What Are The Mistakes That Should Be Avoided After Experiencing A Commercial Truck Accident?

What are the mistakes that should be avoided after experiencing a commercial truck accident?

Experiencing a road accident is definitely a life-altering event, especially when you have incurred serious injury. And if you are involved in a commercial truck accident, the chances of sustaining a severe injury is great that it may even result in loss of life. So if this situation happens, you want to ensure that the negligent truck driver is accountable for your damages as much as possible.

But the fact of the matter is, getting the truck driver and the company to be held responsible is not that easy, especially when you’re dealing with injury claims as they will always make an effort to lessen the compensation that they have to pay. So if you want your case to go smoothly and receive the kind of compensation that you deserve, then we recommend that you continue reading.

Learn more as we are going to shed some light as to what kind of mistakes that you need to avoid after experiencing a truck a commercial truck accident and know the importance of getting an experienced truck accident attorney to represent for your behalf.


1. Giving In To Panic

First and foremost, you have to understand the importance of composure in times of accidents. Sure, it’s very understandable that you may feel panicked after having a road accident. After all, human nature dictates that we should feel frightened during these instances.

But the thing is succumbing to panic will only prevent you from thinking straight. And not being able to think clearly will only lead you to commit mistakes which can yield very costly results in the end.

So right after the accident, what you need to do is to stay calm and find a way to compose yourself so you can assess the situation properly. And once you are calm and collected, you can now evaluate the incident very clearly and determine the next steps that you need to do.


2. Failing to Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Another mistake that most victims of big rig accidents usually make is by failing to seek medical attention immediately. It’s always recommended to NEVER treat any injury as “not being serious enough”, even if your injuries are not fatal. For neglecting to seek medical care can result in further complications.

As a victim of a commercial truck accident, you should realize that not all injuries are immediately apparent. In other words, you may have sustained serious internal injuries that require immediate medical attention and you don’t even know it yet. So it’s very important to see a doctor first as they can examine the extent of your injuries and document your condition during the time of the unfortunate event.

Subsequently, if the injuries you have sustained had worsened of if the truck driver claims that your injury was sustained before the accident happened, then you can establish your case by having a medical record that vouches for your physical status at the period in question.


3. Interacting With Investigators Of Insurance Companies

Speaking with investigators of insurance companies after a commercial truck accident is always a big no-no. And this is one mistake that you need to avoid as interacting with these individuals can be very tricky. In short, they tend to take advantage of your weary condition to find loopholes so they can pay less on the insurance claim. There are even times when these people will try to sway you into admitting certain faults in the accident to reduce the money they’ll have to pay for your damages.

So it’s best to avoid talking to them first until you have an experienced truck accident attorney at your side to give advice on the details that you can disclose and the things don’t need to say to them.

However, you must also keep in mind to not entirely ignore the insurance company as some company regulations and certain states have deadlines when a victim should report the truck accident to the insurance carrier in order to be eligible to receive compensation.


4. Accepting Settlement Offers Upfront

There is a possibility that the truck company and its insurance carrier will get you to sign their rights and accept a lower initial settlement offer. And though it may seem enticing to sign right away, we strongly advise against this process.

As the victim of the commercial truck accident, you are entitled to seek for the right amount of compensation. So don’t budge in just yet and let an experienced truck accident attorney evaluate their offer first.


5. Admitting To A Fault

It’s normal for us to show sympathy, especially when the driver is also injured after the accident. But sometimes, a show of sympathy can be misleading. So as much as possible, don’t try to admit even to a minor portion of the fault as this will prevent you from recovering the right compensation.

Of course, it’s acceptable to offer necessary help by calling the paramedics and the law enforcement authorities, but it would be best to say little about the incident as possible up until you have acquired the services of a legal counsel who is an expert in truck accidents.


6. Failing To Contact Proper Authorities

No matter how serious the accident is, it’s always crucial to contact the proper authorities IMMEDIATELY. The reason for this is that police investigators can create a record of what really happened by interviewing both parties involved as well as witnesses and document the scene based on the facts they have collected.

Likewise, you can also document the accident by taking photos of the impact, the road conditions, the signage, skid marks, and any other evidence that be valuable as you prove the liability of the truck driver to the civil court.


7. Thinking Of Dealing The Situation On Your Own

And the last, and probably the most important mistake that should be avoided after experiencing a commercial truck accident is by trying to go into the situation alone. Truck accidents are very complicated and should be handled by an individual who is knowledgeable in Federal Law Regulations and other legal matters in relation to the incident.

So it’s always recommended that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney in the event of truck accidents as they have the capacity to represent your side in the best way possible. And apart from the services they can do as mentioned above, they will always see to it that you will be entitled to the right compensation according to the injuries you have incurred.

So if you or a loved one is involved in a big rig crash and you don’t want to commit any mistakes with handling the situation, contact Texas Truck Accident Lawyer for a free consultation take advantage of our 35 years of experience in truck accident litigation.

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