Should I Talk with the Truck Driver’s Insurance Company After a Crash?

Should I give a statement after an accident?


Getting into an accident can be a stressful and traumatic event. The situation can be even worse when the vehicle that hit you is a truck.

You may have suffered a serious or life-threatening injury due to the crash. After the accident, you may be wondering what to do and how to make sure that you are properly compensated for your injuries.

One of the first things to do is to call a trucking accident attorney. Your lawyer will protect your rights and handle the situation to ensure that you get the money you deserve.

What to Know Before You Talk to the Insurance Company

Following an accident, the insurance company will contact the drivers to take statements and find out how the accident occurred. It is important to remember a few things before you speak to the insurance company.

Regardless of how nice or compassionate the insurance adjuster sounds, he or she represents the truck driver’s insurance company. The job of the insurance company is always to minimize their payout. They may try to do so in several ways, such as trying to blame you for the accident or minimizing your injuries or trying to say that your injuries were not a result of the crash.

Keep in mind that the insurance company may make an audio recording of your conversation. Anything you say can and will be used later in an attempt to reduce your claim.

Be Careful With Your Words

The insurance company will ask you to tell them about the accident, what you were doing before and after the wreck, and about your injuries! The insurer can then use your statement to try to prove that you were somehow to blame or that you were not hurt as badly as you were.

Don’t Guess about the Severity of the Injury

Worse, the insurer often reaches out to you well before you really know how badly your injuries are from the crash. Emergency rooms are for treating emergencies. If your injuries are not life-threatening, the hospital usually discharges you with instructions to follow up with your doctor or a specialist.

Frequently, it is only after seeing a specialist that the seriousness of your injuries becomes known. Stating to your adversary about your injuries before knowing the full extent of the injuries is always a mistake.

Questions that will be used to shift the blame are also part of the insurance companies arsenal, and the unprepared can hurt their case.

Help from an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

No matter how prepared you are to speak to the insurance company, you could end up saying something that could hurt your case. The best thing to do is to seek help from an 18-wheeler lawyer. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and will help you before you talk to the insurance representative. If you have already spoken to the insurance company, do not worry. Your lawyer will review the situation and work to obtain a favorable outcome.

Truck crashes are among the most complicated accidents to resolve. They may require expert witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists to determine the cause of the accident and any contributing factors. Keep in mind that you may not be aware of exactly how the crash happened so do not take responsibility. Instead, count on an expert truck accident legal team to take the necessary steps in the case.

Do not discuss the case with the insurance company or make a statement before first talking to your personal injury  attorney. You may be owed money for your damages, including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

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