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Our undefeated team has won many severe injuries and fatal 18-wheeler accidents on US 290.  Winning millions of dollars for the victims and their families.  Put our three decades of expertise in truck accident cases on your side, and let our next victory be yours!

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About Highway 290 in Texas


Highway 290 has undergone quite a transformation over the last 15 years. While parts of the road particularly close to Houston and Austin have been improved and widened, much of the highway remains two lanes each way, like areas near Brenham, Giddings, and Elgin, sometimes divided, sometimes not.Semi accident on 290

Our 18-wheeler accident lawyers have handled several multi-million-dollar truck accident cases in highway 290, either wrongful death or severe injury trucking accidents.

We have been litigating truck crashes on US 290 for over 30 years and are referred truck wreck injury cases by defense lawyers who have dealt with us over the years.  We believe the fact that other lawyers trust us with a truck accident case speaks volumes.

Why Are There so Many Accidents on US 290 in Texas?

Unfortunately for Texans, we lead the nation in 18-wheeler accidents that involve a fatality. One reason for the high number of truck wrecks in Texas has so many highway miles that the probability increases due to the number of truck-driven miles in the state.

Another reason for the abundance of crashes between Houston and Austin is the ongoing construction. Finally, many accidents are caused simply by congested traffic and limited travel lanes.

Highway 290 trucks and cars

What Causes 18-Wheeler Collisions on State Highway 290?

The most common reason for big rig accidents is driver error. Sometimes the error can be on the driver of a pickup truck or passenger car, and others can be the fault of the tractor-trailer driver.

We have investigated and handled many trucking cases that involve violations of the federal standards that apply to truck drivers and truck companies. Because truck drivers are “professional” drivers, they are subject to additional safety rules and regulations.

Some of the main violations of the law by truck drivers are:

  • Violations of the hours of service rules – lead to fatigued driving and unnecessary accidents. Each truck driver was only permitted to drive a certain number of hours each day after being off duty. The pressures of making money and tight schedules often lead truckers to work longer than they are legally allowed to behind the wheel.
  • Following too closely – because big trucks take up to 40% longer and just come to a stop than smaller vehicles, a professional driver must allow a more significant distance between himself and the cars ahead.
  • Failing to inspect and maintain the truck properly – Truck drivers must conduct daily inspections of their tractors and trainers. Trucking companies are mandated to ensure that their rigs on the roadway are safe. Sometimes the vehicles are “out of service,” but that fact is not discovered until after a significant accident.

After a semi-truck accident with a semi, an early investigation can uncover facts that can aid a victim in a personal injury claim. Waiting to get a qualified truck accident attorney can hurt an injury case because critical evidence may be lost or intentionally destroyed.

How Semi Truck Wrecks are Investigated

If the accident involves a wrongful death or injury perceived as severe by the officers investigating, a thorough investigation by the Highway Patrol or the local officers may well occur. Other times, the investigation may be limited in scope and require additional facts to understand the accident scenario fully.

Only after an attorney has been formally retained will the attorney or law firm spends money and effort investigating the crash. Be wary of any law firm that indicates that they are “investigating” a truck accident in the news. Unless the firm has been retained by the victim or by the defense, the claim is at best, seriously misleading and quite possibly unethical.

Once an attorney has been hired, it is common for an inspection of the vehicles to take place. Such an examination may involve downloading any computer data commonly available on newer model vehicles. The truck safety expert may also examine the tractor-trailer to comply with safety rules and regulations.

Inspection of the crash site is also typical when the injuries are significant, or a family has lost a loved one.

Finally, private investigators may interview witnesses and gather additional information.

What to Do if You Are Hurt in a Semi Truck Crash

First, seeking proper medical treatment is an essential concern. In that regard, following your doctor’s instructions to the letter is always in your best interest.

Following up with necessary medical care should be done instead of “toughing it out.”

Refrain from giving recorded statements to an attorney or adjuster for the trucking company. While you may be told that they need the information to “process the claim” or “evaluate liability,” the reality is whatever you say will be used against you.

Before talking with any adjusters, you should always take advantage of a free consultation with the best truck accident attorney.

Getting the Right Lawyer For Your Truck Crash Case

If your injuries are significant, you should retain the best 18-wheeler accident attorney you can find immediately after the collision. The longer you wait to get the right lawyer, the more difficult it makes their job. You should investigate the law firm you are considering hiring before signing any paperwork with an attorney.

In Texas, you can always change lawyers. But some costs and consequences can be high when you initially hire the wrong attorney for your truck wreck case. Investigate the attorney, check out their credentials and track record with truck crash cases and make sure you are comfortable with and trust who you hire.

Our Preeminent Rated Truck Accident Lawyer has Won Many Lawsuits from Crashes on US 290

We have won many serious injuries and wrongful death cases from accidents on US 290. Talk with the top-rated Houston truck accident lawyer.

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