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More Miles of Highway Equals More Accidents in Texas

Highway miles equals more accidents.



Texas has more fatal truck wrecks than any other state. The number of severe injuries from a semi crash is also the worst in the nation.

Truck Accident Facts 2017

2017 Facts

Lots of Big Trucks


Texas has thousands of miles of highways and includes such major interstates such as I-10 running across the state east and west, I-45 and I-35 running north and south and significant highways such other vital highways as US 290 from Houston to Austin.


Thousands of 18-wheeler tractor trailers travel each highway every day. According to the 2007 annual report prepared by the Texas Department of Transportation, we have over 360,000 registered commercial trucks operating in the US and over 50,000 registered Motor Carriers.


The growth in the transportation business is expected to grow annually by double digits for the next several years. This all adds up with many trucks to be regulated and finite governmental resources to monitor carriers.


It has been reported that over 400 fatalities occurred in Texas due to commercial vehicle accidents in one year alone. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2006 alone we had 4,321 fatal crashes in the US involving commercial vehicles.


Texas Highway Patrol Investigates Most Trucking Accidents


Most serious injury cases involving commercial vehicles on interstate highways are investigated by The Texas Highway Patrol which has a special accident reconstruction team equipped with the latest mapping and surveying equipment.


In severe cases, like a wrongful death case, the Texas Highway Patrol will “reconstruct” the accident and often the results many come into evidence in a truck accident lawsuit.


Other times, with less severe injuries, the DPS will write a crash report and include the insurance information and basic facts.


The Defense Always Gets a Head Start


The insurance company insuring the trucking company will often be at the scene of an accident involving wrongful death or serious injuries within 24 hours of learning about the crash. Recently, insurance companies are dispatching lawyers to the scene before the vehicles are even moved.


It is critical that the victim or the victim’s family get representation early on, so the attorneys can be investigating the accident before evidence disappears or vehicles repaired.


Do Your Research in Selecting an Attorney for a Trucking Accident


Most personal injury attorney’s want truck wreck cases because the injuries are serious and the insurance policy for the company is a commercial higher limit policy. The prudent family should look for an attorney whose practice centers on truck cases and who also has impressive results with truck cases.


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