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Tanker truck accident shuts highway down in la porte, tx

Tanker truck crash shuts down highway.

A tanker truck accident in La Porte closed a highway at the La Porte Freeway and Texas 146. Apparently, the semi truck went over an overpass and crashed spilling propane fuel and resulting in a huge fire.

Cleanup crews worked to open the roadway and part of the process included burning off the excess fuel. In the meantime, the highway remained closed and traffic diverted.

According to reports, the truck driver apparently lost control of his rig and flipped over the wall. The driver was taken to the hospital for injuries by helicopter. Usually a life flight helicopter is only required when the injuries are life-threatening. There is no word on the condition of the driver at this time.

It is unknown what caused the tanker truck to lose control and go over the retaining wall to strike 25 feet below.What we do know is that the roadway was closed and will remain closed while the cleanup takes place.

Tanker trucks and other vehicles containing hazardous materials, are a real problem when they flip as Haz Mat crews must deal with the aftermath. Lets hope and pray the truck driver recovers from his injuries.

Truckers carrying hazardous material are required to comply with the rules contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations- Part 397 deals with Hazardous Materials.

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