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Fatal Accident on I-10 in Sealy

I-10 18-wheeler accident

An eight-vehicle pileup on Interstate 10 in Sealy happened Monday. One person is reported dead, and others have been injured.

According to reports by San Felipe Police Department, a motorist had a blowout and came to stop in the roadway. The pileup happened thereafter and involved a big rig.

According to police other cars were slowing to avoid the stopped car and an 18-wheeler did not brake in time to avoid crashing into the cars ahead.

Reported killed as an 89-year-old man whose vehicle was struck from the rear on I-10.

At least three others were taken to the hospital. The event involved 14 people according to the police department.

No other details are known at this time about this tractor-trailer accident on I-10.

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