The Importance of an Early Response Team for Truck Wrecks


Attorneys with quick response teams

With the major 18 wheeler accident, one involving serious injury or wrongful death, the importance of an early investigation and a quick response team cannot be over emphasized.


It is the time when families who have lost a loved one are in shock and often mentally paralyzed due to the trauma of the loss.


Persons who have been seriously injured usually lay in the hospital and are worried about one thing – survival and getting better.


Defense Will Have Their Team


Nevertheless, the trucking company and its insurance companies often have early response teams that they keep on retainer and dispatched to the accident site in an effort to minimize claims against them.


These insurance company action teams usually include attorneys, accident investigators, and even accident reconstruction experts. If there is evidence that hurts the trucking company (or conversely would be helpful to the accident victim or their family), the evidence is either not documented or poorly documented by the insurance company early response team.


Make no mistake about it, the insurance companies early response team has the goal of reducing claims against the insurance policy.


Photographs are taken at angles that are best from the point of view of the trucking company or the truck driver. Statements are taken from witnesses with one goal and that is to obtain some admission that will be helpful in defense of the case. These statements are not usually taken with an eye toward finding out what happened but are taken with planned precision in the questions asked hoping to elicit favorable information through leading questions.


While the investigating officers are not susceptible to influence by such quick response teams, having the team on-site can only help the defendants. Know that the defense teams will not be documenting anything that does not help them defend the case.


Truck Accident Victims Need Their Own Team


Victims or their families should consider hiring a law firm with a proven track record of results and truck accidents that maintains a quick response team of their own to combat the advantage trucking companies receive when they are the only investigators at the scene.


Skid marks, debris, and other important evidence is usually the most important evidence in what occurred especially when there is not a credible eyewitness.


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