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Is the Trucking Company to Blame for an Accident?

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Commercial trucks are a part of life. We need these big rigs to transport goods across the state and the country. While we share the roads with these semi-trucks, they can also be dangerous to other drivers. Trucks can weigh 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles, making passenger vehicle occupants vulnerable to serious injuries or fatalities in a crash. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS HLDI), more than 4,100 people died in large truck crashes in 2018 in the United States. When a truck accident happens, the driver, trucking company, or another party may be negligent.

Who is Responsible for a Truck Crash?

There are several parties that might hold some responsibility for a truck crash. The truck driver may have made a mistake or could have been driving while fatigued or impaired. The truck could have a mechanical problem that caused the crash, such as brake failure or tire blowout. In some cases, the manufacturer could be liable for a defective part. Any party that was negligent could be responsible for causing or contributing to a crash.

Determining Liability

The liability for a truck accident depends on various factors. Generally, the insurance company evaluates the accident and assigns fault to all responsible parties. More than one party could be held responsible for a crash. As long as you are less than half at fault for the accident, you are allowed to collect damages. Vehicle crashes may be caused by driver error, mechanical failure, or road conditions. Many times, an accident may have several factors that led to the crash. Analyzing the main cause and contributing factors of a truck accident can be complicated. It is helpful to seek assistance from an experienced truck accident attorney.

Why a Trucking Company May be Liable

A trucking company could be responsible for an accident if they were negligent. For instance, the company may not have properly maintained the truck and the crash happened due to a mechanical failure. The trucking company must inspect vehicles on a regular basis and must ensure they are safe for travel on the roadways. The company and driver must also ensure that they secure the cargo properly. Unsecured cargo can shift during transport and cause the truck to become uncontrollable. The trucking company may have known that a vehicle was not safe but allowed it onto the road anyway. When a party does something or fails to do something that could be dangerous, they might be considered negligent and could be to blame for the accident.

What to do After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are unlike other types of accidents. The injuries from a truck accident are often more severe and you may be undergoing extensive medical treatment. Trucking companies often have their own team in place to handle crashes. They have attorneys who are ready to protect their rights and prevent high payouts for accidents, even if they are at fault.


It is essential to contact an experienced Baytown truck accident attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

Your lawyer will take care of all the details and work with the insurance company to resolve your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

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