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The commercial vehicle traffic in industrialized areas like Baytown, Pasadena Texas and Pearland leads to number of 18 wheeler crashes where people are seriously injured and killed. Every year, innocent motorists are victimized by 80,000 pound vehicles often driven by professional drivers who do not follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations resulting in an unnecessary truck wreck.

The Trucking Company and its Insurance Company Starts with the Advantage after an accident!

red semi truckBy virtue of both federal law and the law in the state of Texas, trucking companies (known as “motor carriers”, are required to keep a minimum commercial level of liability insurance which is substantially higher than the minimum coverage for passenger cars or pickup trucks. Because insurance carriers for the trucking companies have higher exposure, they tend to be much more aggressive in the handling of a claim stemming from an 18 wheeler crash. Many employ investigators and expert witnesses who are dispatched to the scene of the crash very quickly after the insurance company is notified of the accident.

By getting on a claim early, the insurance company and the trucking company have an advantage in locating witnesses, and finding the most favorable evidence to help defend the claim. Many times the investigators will interview officers, witnesses and others with the intention of helping their case. Other times, the insurance company will order surveillance of the injured party, usually by video.

One trick that has been utilized more often recently by defense interests after a truck crash is to seek to put the tractor-trailer back on the road and in service as quickly as possible. If they are successful, this strategy can prevent the victim from obtaining important and necessary evidence regarding the condition of the vehicle, and the computer data or black box information which often shows the speed of the 18 wheeler and when and if the brakes were applied.
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Hiring an 18 wheeler accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash is important to help preserve critical evidence.

Nevertheless, victims of truck accidents should do their due diligence in selecting the appropriate lawyer for their case before retaining anyone.

Some considerations when hiring a Baytown, Pasadena Texas or Pearland 18 wheeler trucking accident lawyer:

  • Does the lawyer have a law practice that is primarily 18 Wheeler accidents?
  • What are the results achieved in truck accident cases? Disregard results in other types of cases and focus on your type of case when selecting the appropriate attorney.
  • How long has the attorney practiced law? You do not want someone learning on the job on your case.
  • How does or rate the attorney? Both of these services are peer-reviewed and not based upon monitory consideration to the rating agency.
  • What do former clients say?
  • When you call will you be able to speak with the attorney that you thought you are hiring when you signed up with the firm? Many people meet with the attorney they think they are hiring only to find out that an associate attorney and/or even a paralegal actually handles their case. Hiring an attorney with great results is meaningless if that attorney does not actually do the work on your case. Don’t be a number on a file – insist on the personal service you deserve.

trucks on highwayIn the most serious injury cases and in the vast majority of wrongful death cases stemming from an 18 wheeler accident, litigation is the rule rather than the exception. For that reason, it is extremely important that you are comfortable with the attorney you choose to handle your case. We often say that getting into a lawsuit is like getting onto a train and it is important that you are comfortable with those you are traveling with. Finding a comfort level with the 18 wheeler accident attorney you choose is probably the most important part of how you view your journey.

Consider interviewing several different lawyers to find the attorney that you are most comfortable with the handling of your case.

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