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First Steps After An 18 Wheeler Injury Accident

dealing with a truck wreck

You have been struck by a semi-truck, sustained an injury, and have no idea what to do to protect your legal rights.  The first steps after a truck accident where you are injured are important to help protect your claim and often, time is not on your side.

Get Medical Attention

Obviously, the first thing you should do is ensure you’re getting the medical care and attention you need. Emergency rooms discharge people with serious injuries when those injuries are not life-threatening.

Folks assume that they have been discharged from the emergency room means that they are not seriously injured and that is just not correct.

After being discharged from the emergency room, the medical professionals will suggest a follow-up with either specific specialists or a primary care physician.

Following up with the appropriate doctors and ensuring you follow their instructions is a critical step in your truck accident claim.

Documentation Required to Help Your Case

If you are transported to the hospital you may not have had an opportunity to exchange information with the truck driver who struck you.

Do not worry, for an officer investigating the crash will most likely contact you and give you the trucker’s information. The information you need is the truck driver’s name, the trucking company’s name, and the insurance carrier’s information.

It is also important to you dig down if you can the name and phone number of the investigating officer. Likewise, any eyewitnesses can be invaluable in proving your case.

It is critically important if there are independent witnesses that be identified and you keep their contact information should you need it.

Photographs are Always Helpful

If you are a family member and are able to get photographs of your vehicle, the accident scene, or the big rig it struck you that can be very beneficial to a case.

If you are able to do so, documenting the final resting position of the vehicles, the accident scene, and other important evidence by video or photographs on your cell phone can be powerful proof in the case.

If you are unable to get photographs of the scene, photographs prior to releasing your vehicle should be obtained.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

We advise against giving a recorded statement in truck collision injury cases. Nothing you say to the other insurance company on tape can help you and a whole lot can hurt! If you must give a recorded statement be prepared for trick questions and keep your answers short and truthful! Always speak with the best truck accident lawyer near you first!

Take Advantage of FREE Consultations

If you were hurt in an accident, reaching out to an experienced attorney is a smart move. We recommend talking with an attorney before you talk with an adjuster for the trucking company. We have been helping injury victims after a big rig crash for over three decades. You will not find a more experienced or successful truck accident attorney- Call for a FREE consultation! (281) 893-0760

Selecting an Attorney for an Accident With a Semi

The general rule of thumb is the more serious your injury the more likely it is you will need an experienced and capable attorney to help.

This is especially true with truck accidents in that you want to choose an attorney with substantial experience and a track record of winning truck accident cases. Our Amazon accident lawyers are undefeated in truck wreck cases. And have been winning huge settlements for over three decades.

You certainly don’t want to make your case the training ground for an attorney who is handled a few trucking accident cases or whose litigation practice does not focus on 18-wheeler lawsuits.

Doing your homework or due diligence on the attorneys you are considering and their past record with 18-wheeler crash cases is critically important.

Who you retain as your truck accident lawyer in Texas can have a big impact on the outcome of the case.

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