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9 Steps to Reduce the Odds of an Accident with a Semi-Truck

9 Steps to Reduce the Odds of an Accident with a Semi-Truck

1. Never tailgate a semi-truck – again they may not be able to see you (for that matter never tailgate at all!). Because large trucks can block your vision ahead, it is best to allow extra distance when following a big truck.

2. Semi-trucks have eighteen tires that may be problematic. If a tire blows it does so with such force that the flying pieces can cause damage to anything in its path. Allowing extra distance when following an 18-wheeler gives you extra time to avoid debris.

3. Watch out for trucks parked in the road or on the side of the road – many accidents acre caused by improper parking of a semi-truck. Moving to the other large cautiously is always a good plan when possible. Make sure to signal your intentions.

4.Be aware if a truck in front of you is turning do not try to pass it until the turn is complete because the driver may not be able to see you. Many crashes occur because the truck does not signal which way they intend to turn and make a wide turn the opposite way first to allow their turn.

5. Remember the size of a truck causes it to be slow to start and slow to stop. Give them wide berth on the roadways. Don’t let a big truck follow closely behind you- they take longer to stop. Move ahead or let the trucker pass you.

6. Be patient. The size of semi-trucks makes it understandable that moving them is cumbersome for even the best drivers out there.

7. When you pass a semi-truck on the highway always pass on the left side and do not linger beside the truck – otherwise you may be in their blind spot. When you are in a blind spot, the driver has no idea you are there.

8. Trucks that are hauling hazardous material must perform a complete stop at all railroad crossings. Always anticipate a full stop.

9. Use your turn signals to allow the truck driver to know your intentions. Be sure to turn them off when done to prevent confusion. Driving friendly is the best way to avoid frustration and arrive safety.

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