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How Are Truck Accidents Different from Other Vehicle Collisions?

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Any accident can be a difficult and traumatic experience. However, when hurt in a truck accident, it is often more serious than other types of crashes. There are several reasons a truck accident differs from other types of vehicle accidents. Trucks are larger and heavier, and the injuries and damages are more likely to be severe or life-threatening. Truck accidents occur frequently. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), says that each year about 4,000 people die and almost 80,000 are injured in truck accidents in the United States.

Truck Accidents are More Complicated

Truck accidents are often more complicated because they can have multiple causes and contributing factors. Additionally, the many types of big trucks such as dump trucks can add additional investigative factors to the case evaluation. The FMCSA reviews truck accidents and categorizes the cause and contributing factors of accidents into several groups including human factors, mechanical failures, and outside factors. Human factors include actions or lack of actions such as speeding, driving while distracted, driving while under the influence, improper operation, and more.

The most common mechanical factors in truck accidents are brake failure, tire blowouts, and failure to properly maintain the vehicle. Road factors may include debris on the roadway, damaged roads, or weather-related factors such as snow, ice, and rain. When you sue, you need to know the reason for the accident, and you must be able to prove negligence. Your attorney will help gather evidence to prove your claim.

Injuries are More Serious

Big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which makes them destructive in accidents. Injuries can be life-threatening. It is more common to suffer catastrophic injuries in truck accidents than other crashes. Catastrophic injuries are those that require extensive medical treatment, ongoing care, permanent disabilities, or extreme pain and suffering. The costs associated with catastrophic injuries are high and therefore, it is essential to ensure that the negligent party is held responsible for the damages.

 Resolving Truck Accident Claims

Trucking companies often have large legal teams at their disposal. They immediately work to discredit your claim or to disprove the negligent party. It is important to seek legal help quickly from a team of Houston truck accident attorneys with experience getting results for clients. You need to obtain the documentation and proof you need quickly. Your attorney may need to file a request to acquire the data you need while it is still available.

Your legal team makes a big difference in getting you the best results for your claim. It is critical to choose a law firm with experience handling large truck cases.  The Texas truck accident attorneys understand the ins and outs of truck accident cases. We have helped our clients get millions of dollars for their injuries and damages. Act quickly. We will handle the legal issues while you focus on your recovery.

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