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Houston dump truck accident snarls i-10 in

Houston dump truck accident news.

A dump truck rollover completely shut down Interstate 10 headed east this morning. The truck accident shut the freeway down for almost 3 hours in the eastern direction. Apparently, the dump truck driver attempted to avoid another vehicle and rolled his truck. It took over two hours to upright the truck so the highway could be reopened.

Authorities are investigating the accident and as reported, the truck driver may be ticketed for failure to stay in a single lane. Additionally, the investigating officers were going to look into the driving record of the truck driver, according to reports.

Dump truck drivers like other commercial drivers are professional drivers and subject to special rules that apply to truck drivers and trucking companies. Not only is a commercial license required to drive a dump truck but the truck driver trucking company must also comply with certain safety rules and also regulations regarding the operation of the big rig.

Many dump trucks are found to be in dangerous condition due to poor maintenance after a thorough inspection. Perhaps it is the nature of the business or maybe it is the wear and tear that a dump truck takes on a daily basis.

A dump truck can devastate a passenger car in a split second. In this accident, there were no reported injuries and the losers appear to be Houstonians commuting on Interstate 10 this morning.

Houston frequently has big rig accidents where semi trucks roll over, discharge liquids or hit improvements and completely shut down a highway or portion thereof for quite some time. This is another example of the inconvenience that hampers Houston commuters after a truck accident.

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