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Houston cement truck accident lawyer

Cement truck wrecks are usually extremely serious accidents because the weight of the truck when loaded can weigh up to 60 tons. These vehicles are often called mixer trucks and a fully loaded cement truck can rollover very easily given it its extremely high center of gravity.

Cement Truck Accident

Because the weight of the truck is so significant, the training of the truck driver is critical to the safe operation of the vehicle. Unfortunately, cement truck drivers are often under the gun to get the cement to the worksite quickly and that can lead to accidents.

The cement truck wreck lawyers at the Baumgartner Law Firm are experienced in cement truck accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents by handling such cases for over 25 years.

Commercial vehicles generally have to comply with special rules and regulations that apply to professional truck drivers and motor carriers. Often, in an effort to maximize profits and cut corners, safety slips through the cracks.

Even at low speed impact with a cement mixer truck can result in very serious injuries or even death.

If you have questions regarding your rights and options after being injured by a cement truck or other commercial vehicle called the experienced and successful truck accident law firm for a free no obligation consultation.

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