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Another Fatal Big Truck Crash on US 290 in Houston

Another fatal truck crash in houston.

Thursday, November 19, 2015 was a tragic day when a stranded vehicle on outbound Northwest Freeway was struck by an 18 wheeler. Two people died in the crash and reports indicate that the car caught fire immediately after the impact.


The 18 wheeler crash took place about 4 AM on the Northwest Freeway not far from Mason Road. Woman driving a Ford probe was stopped in traffic due to her car breaking down and according to reports, she tried to wave off the big rig that slammed into the car.


Both the passenger in the backseat of the car and the truck driver perished in the crash. According to the reports, two other people were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.


Indications are that the semi truck rolled over and that it also caught fire with the cab of the truck plane perpendicular to the highway.


Houston is seen a serious truck crash on an almost every day basis for as long as imaginable. Often, lives are lost and commuters are delayed for hours while investigators do their job.


Our heart goes out to the victims of this terrible accident and we pray for those injured to recover quickly.


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