Truck Accident Assistance

Hello, I’m Greg Baumgartner. I represent families who have lost a loved one or people who have been seriously injured in a truck accident. My very first truck accident case was over three decades ago. It was a wrongful death case. And since that time, I’ve literally helped hundreds of families through very tough times. And in all those years, focusing on truck accident claims, I have not lost a single personal injury or wrongful death truck accident case. Not one.

Aggressive Truck Accident Attorney

Part of that reason is our aggressive approach. And another part is that we limit the number of cases in order to provide personal service that your case deserves. By limiting our cases, we are able to provide the time and attention necessary to win your case.

Getting paid after a truck accident

How do we get paid? We get paid on what is called a contingency fee basis. That means our pay is contingent upon winning your case. If we don’t recover money for you and you get money in your pocket, there is no fee. You owe us nothing. In addition to collecting money on your behalf, we will spend our money on your case. If we win your case, we are able to be reimbursed for our out of pocket expenses. What are out of pocket expenses? Examples would be like deposition fees, court filing fees, expert witness fees, things of that nature.

First step after a truck accident

What should we do now? How do we get started? We would ask that you gather up all of your paperwork. If you have photographs, we’d like those. Any medical record or bill that you have, we’d like to see that. If you have any information that you receive from the investigating officers or the DPS, bring that too. What else should you do now? One thing that you definitely should not do is talk to the at fault adjuster. If the adjuster calls you, do not take the call. If you do take the call, give them our phone number. Do not give a recorded statement. Let us be your spokesperson.

Getting an attorney after an accident

How do we get started? For us to get started on your case, we will need to meet and review your paperwork, learn about your injuries or loss, and how the accident occurred. You’ll sign some paperwork. And after that, we will get started investigating your case and aggressively pursuing it. Put our experience to work on your case.

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