Semi Trucks Transporting Hazardous Materials


Semi Truck HAZMAT

On roadways across America trucks transport tons of hazardous materials each and every day. As with other tractor-trailers the potential for injury is great due to the size and weight of the commercial trucks and adding hazardous materials to the cargo increases the danger to the public.

5000 Hazardous Spills Each Year

Recent statistics show that over 5000 hazardous material truck accidents occur each year in the United States.

Materials that are designated as hazardous include many different types from flammable materials, explosives, gases and even dangerous chemicals. Truck drivers who are carrying material that is designated as hazardous are required by law to have an endorsement specific on their commercial drivers license.

Drivers Need Special Endorsement

Extra Caution Transporting Hazardous Materials

Because of the increased risk to the public of an accident where hazardous materials are part of the equation, drivers and companies are subjected to specific rules and regulations intended to protect the public and minimize risk of exposure. Additionally, drivers are required to submit additional information  and receive special training in order to obtain hazardous materials endorsement.

While additional precautions are required in obtaining a hazardous material endorsement, the rules do not stop there. Shippers of hazardous materials must also comply with special rules intended to reduce the risk to the general public.

Not only must companies ensure that the warning labels are accurate and that they materials are properly classified that they must take extra steps in training employees to deal with the materials.

See the Law

A copy of the Federal Regulations dealing with transporting hazardous materials can be viewed by clicking here.

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