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Over the years we have learned the importance of an early investigation after a commercial vehicle crash. The importance is particularly true when eyewitness testimony may vary or be limited to the truck driver or the victims themselves. Objective factual evidence is powerful when confronting blame-shifting by the insurance company.

We maintain a quick response team for appropriate cases in order to collect important factual data that makes it easier to explain the cause of the crash to a judge or jury.

Things at the scene such as skid marks, gouges in the pavement, debris from the crash, and resting places of the vehicles all can play an important role in the re-creation of an accident. Accident investigators and skill reconstructions require the factual material necessary to have a solid basis for informing the jury of the cause of the crash and exactly how it happened.

Our experts are available for dispatch to investigate and document the scene of serious injury and wrongful death for accidents. While after a fatality the authorities usually do a formal accident reconstruction, the admissibility of the accident reconstruction is not assured and the conclusions may not be accurate.

We have noticed a trend by defense attorneys representing trucking companies and truck drivers to attempt to place the tractor-trailer back in service as quickly as possible by expediting the repairs, which effectively prevents a vehicle inspection by the families of affected unless they act quickly and retain a true truck accident attorney quickly after the wreck.

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