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What is a Truck Crash Investigation?

investigating a truck crash in Texas

Accidents can happen quickly, and they usually take us off guard. When a truck accident is severe, and you suffer injuries, it may be even more challenging to know what happened. The negligent truck driver or his company should be held responsible for the accident and for the damages that resulted. You may have compensation for your injuries, such as your out-of-pocket medical costs and lost wages. Hiring a truck accident attorney on a contingency fee basis enables you to have the needed representation without the upfront cost.

Gathering Data about a Truck Accident

Various documents will prove that the truck driver was negligent and that you sustained severe injuries. It is essential to file a police report, and it is a legal requirement in Texas whenever there is an accident with damages or injuries. The police will explain the accident, including driver and witness statements—the police report documents the date, time, and location of the crash. If there are witnesses, your attorney may want to talk to them. Also, there could be video surveillance that recorded the incident, which will be valuable in establishing negligence.

Truck Accident Reconstruction

Police reports, eyewitness statements, and other data are not always sufficient to establish how the accident occurred. Accident reconstruction is a way to determine what happened just before, during, and following a crash. An accident reconstruction specialist will examine data from the crash, look at photos of the scene, view damage to the vehicles, and might visit the location of the accident. A report will provide details such as the speed and location of the vehicles at the time of the accident and the factors that caused or contributed to the crash.

Truck Crash Investigation Team

A truck crash investigation team is a group of professionals with particular experience and training in various areas of accident analysis. It’s essential to get help from an investigation team as soon after the crash as possible. The team will gather data, review information, and seek additional documentation from sources when possible. Sometimes a court order is needed to obtain information about the truck driver, such as the driver’s log and the vehicle maintenance log, and inspection reports. A skilled team will ensure that no stone is left unturned when collecting information about the incident. Remember that an investigation team will work on your behalf so you can concentrate on your recovery.  Big companies like

and have systems in place to investigate serious accidents.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Do not wait to seek legal assistance after a truck accident. The right Texas truck accident lawyer will take immediate action to obtain vital evidence after being hired. While you may not need a lawyer, if your injuries are substantial, you probably will. The rule of thumb is the more severe your injuries the more likely you will need counsel.

Seek out local attorneys with truck wreck experience and spend some time researching their qualifications before you sign a retainer agreement. Some time spent looking can be a great investment in your case.

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