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Contingency Fee Attorney

Contingency Fee Lawyer for Truck Wreck

Texas Contingency Fee Lawyer for a Truck Accident 

When you or a loved one are injured in a truck accident, you need to have the best legal representation possible on your side. Worrying about the legal fees shouldn’t be a factor in cases as important as this. Hiring a Texas truck accident lawyer who works on a contingency basis can help you get a powerful legal team without adding to your financial burden. You can focus on your recovery while your lawyer focuses on your case.

About contingency fee lawyers

Explaining a contingency fee contract

If you are looking for a truck accident lawyer in the Houston area who works on a contingency basis, contact attorney Greg Baumgartner in Houston today. You can schedule a free case review with a lawyer who has over three decades of experience with cases like yours. Call 281-893-0769 or contact our team via our website by clicking here!

What is a contingency fee for a truck accident lawyer? 

A contingency fee lawyer is an attorney who works on your case without payment upfront. You only pay their legal fees and expenses if they recover compensation for your claim. That means their payment is contingent on their success, which can help motivate them to work even harder for your benefit.

Not all lawyers work on a contingency basis. Other lawyers may require you to pay thousands of dollars upfront in retention fees before they start working on your case. They charge by the hour, too, and truck accidents can be incredibly time-consuming to investigate. Battling insurance companies can take years. So, the expense of hiring a by-the-hour attorney can quickly add up. It becomes something that the average family cannot afford when they need it the most.

The Baumgartner Law Firm is a Houston truck accident attorney that works on a contingency basis. We take on truck accident cases for those who have been severely injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident. Our contingency basis means we start working for you on day one with zero money out of your pocket. We know that when you face mounting medical bills and risk losing income after an accident, the last thing you need is a big legal bill. If you can’t afford an attorney– no problem!

Why you need a Texas truck accident attorney

Truck wrecks cause serious injuryDon’t hesitate to hire the best legal team possible for your truck accident claim. Having an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side can benefit your claim in many ways, including:

  • The investigation into the cause of the accident. The insurance companies will send their accident investigation teams to the accident scene to start building their case right away. They will gather evidence and speak to witnesses while you are still getting medical attention for your injuries. Hiring a trusted truck accident lawyer means you can continue to focus on your care while our team starts an investigation on your behalf. We’ll look at hours of service, the driver’s qualifications, repair logs, and other factors to uncover the underlying cause behind the accident. We’ll find information that the insurance companies might not want you to know.
  • Experience fighting insurance companies. Insurance companies employ vast teams of lawyers. Their job is to get you to take the smallest payout possible when it comes to compensation. We aren’t intimidated by insurance company lawyers. Many of them know our law firm by name and know we have a reputation for fighting hard on our client’s behalf.
  • Maximized compensation. Insurance companies don’t treat you the same if you don’t have a lawyer. They are more likely to employ deceitful tactics to get you to take a lower compensation amount. Thanks to over 35 years in this field of personal injury law, we know how much your case is worth. We work to get you the money you deserve for your pain and injuries.

Some people affected by a truck accident worry that hiring the best truck accident attorney in Texas will cost them too much. They might try to work with the insurance companies on their own to try to save money. By doing this, though, they risk severely undervaluing their case. They may end up with less than they would have if they’d paid for an experienced lawyer.

Most personal injury and truck accident attorneys charge roughly the same percentage for their contingency fees. That means you can hire the best lawyer for the case without worrying that you will end up overpaying for their services.

How to choose a contingency fee lawyer for your case

  • Work with an attorney with extensive experience with Texas truck accident cases. Truck accidents are very different from other auto accidents. They involve different insurance companies, more state and federal regulations, and companies that are eager to clear their names. You need to hire an attorney who understands how these cases are different and knows how to handle them.
  • Ask if they are handling your case personally. Some law offices will hand your case off to a junior lawyer instead of giving it the attention of their top legal professionals. There is too much riding on your case to allow it to go to someone with less experience. Make sure you know exactly who will be handling your case.
  • Make sure they have time for you. You want a lawyer who has a steady stream of truck accident cases. But you also want a lawyer who has time for your phone call when you have a question. These cases can be long and involved, and you want someone on your side who can explain what’s happening now and what to expect next.

To find the attorney that’s right for your case, start by scheduling a free consultation. These consultations are a chance for the lawyer to review your claim, but it’s also a chance for you to get to know the attorney.

We welcome potential clients into our Houston law firm. Book your free consultation with an experienced Texas truck accident attorney and learn how we can help you with your case.

How to get started with a contingency fee lawyer

All it takes is a phone call.

When you contact our Texas truck accident attorneys, we’ll schedule you for a free case review with our team member. During your case review, we’ll let you know if you have a valid claim against the trucking companies and how you could proceed with the case. If you decide to hire our team, we’ll get started on your case immediately. We don’t pass your case off to a junior lawyer, either. Each case is personally handled by Gregory Baumgartner, who has over three decades of experience fighting truck accident cases like yours. Put a skilled legal team to work on your case, and let us use a quick response team to prove your case.

We haven’t lost a single case in over 35 years. Our truck accident lawyers routinely recover millions of dollars for our clients. And we’re ready to fight for you. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your free consultation and start working to recover the compensation you deserve from a trucking accident.



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