The Importance of Truck Crash Investigations

Why you must act after a trucking collision


Investigation trucking collision

Truck accidents are among the most severe and devastating of all crashes. Because trucks are large and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded, it can be deadly when they are involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle.

Truck accidents can happen in an instant, and once they are over, a victim may be left wondering exactly what happened. The police will immediately conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

Determining fault for the accident is the most important factor in deciding whether you will receive compensation for your injuries. The negligent party is responsible for injuries and damages.

Texas utilizes a proportional comparative fault system to determine your portion of responsibility. You may be able to collect compensation even if you were partially to blame for the accident, as long as you were less than 51% at fault.

Law Enforcement Accident Investigation

It is essential to find out what happened in order to ascribe fault to the parties. Law enforcement generally conducts an initial investigation of the accident scene. First and foremost, law enforcement makes sure that medical care is rendered to anyone who is hurt. Then, they secure the area so that they can conduct a safe investigation. They will get statements from the drivers and passengers as well as from any witnesses.

Additionally, police will view the scene and take note of clues about what caused the crash. They will look at the damage to the vehicles to make sure it is consistent with the eyewitness accounts. Officers will also look at skid marks, traffic signals and pieces of the vehicles to help determine exactly what happened. While this initial investigation may uncover some useful information, it may not provide you with the complete picture.

Additionally, often the officers do not save the initial investigation data, including witnesses and many times that vital information does not make the crash report.

Truck Crash Reconstruction Experts

You can be quite certain that after a very serious truck accident, the truck company’s insurance company will immediately start conducting its own investigation. The defense will want to try to prove that their driver was not at fault for the crash. It can be extremely important for you to have your own crash reconstruction expert evaluate the crash site. You can accomplish this with help from an experienced Houston truck accident attorney.

Forensic crash scene investigators are experts at evaluating accidents. They use physics to piece together what happened using all of the data, information and witness statements available. A crash scene reconstruction may be necessary to help with the investigation.

The reconstruction expert will visit the scene, look at skid marks, oil or gas stains, impact marks, and other details. The expert will also view the vehicles to see exactly where they impacted.

By putting together this information an expert can often find out exactly what happened immediately before, during, and after a crash.

This information can be critical in getting you compensation for your injuries. If you were seriously injured in truck accident, do not delay.

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