Fedex truck wreck fatality in baytown

A FedEx truck was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of at least one person with others injured in Baytown, Texas.

The Baytown Police Department is currently investigating the crash which occurred about noon on the 8500 block of North Texas 146 according to reports by the Houston Chronicle.

The accident was severe enough that several people were taken by medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital and reports of CPR being given to them.

Not much is known about this fatal accident and the investigation is ongoing according to the Houston Chronicle report.

Photographs by KHOU Houston show a major impact to a black new or model sedan. What caused the FedEx truck accident has not been reported at this time.

Fatal FedEx Accident

Whenever a fatal accident occurs, authorities usually conduct a formal accident reconstruction in order to determine exactly how the accident happened. The police accident reconstruction may or may not be admissible in a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit depending upon who conducts the reconstruction.

Accident Reenactment Needed

Generally, when the DPS conducts a reconstruction the trouper conducting the effort has extensive training and experience and it may well be admissible in a civil lawsuit. A reconstruction is an accident reenactment done to show the cause and sequence of the wreck. Otherwise, in many cases the FedEX accident attorney for the innocent victims must retain a reconstruction expert to help educate the jury on how the crash occurred.

For a reconstruction to be admissible in a civil lawsuit, the person who performs the reconstruction must be duly qualified and also use proper technique in analyzing the accident. In some cases the officer conducting the investigation is duly qualified to testify as an expert witness, in others the testimony is not allowed by the judge.

Case law regarding expert accident reconstruction has been evolving and the Texas Supreme Court and other Texas courts have generally been fair when looking at reconstruction experts under Rule 702 of Texas Rules of Evidence. However, other experts seem to have a threshold that is harder to meet to get the expert testimony in evidence for the court. See, Gammill v. Jack Williams Chevrolet, Inc., 972 SW 2d 713 – Tex: Supreme Court 1998.

It remains to be seen who is responsible for the serious injuries and the wrongful death in this truck wreck.

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