Big rig loading accidents

Improperly secured or shifting loads on semi-trucks (and other vehicles) that come loose can – and in many cases, have – caused property damage, injury, and even deaths.

Loading Accidents are Common

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety – there are an estimated  25,000 accidents annually across the country that result from improperly secured payloads and that cause as many as 100 deaths.

Many Truck Accidents in Austin

Unfortunately, Austin is not immune to this problem. A quick ride on I-35 will confirm that this is a busy thoroughfare for semis and flatbed trucks carrying oversize cargo and other materials that are challenging to secure such as gravel, scrap metal, construction materials, and other items that can turn into deadly projectiles if they come loose. Trucking accidents in Austin are a real problem.

The reality is that most persons who are charged with the awesome responsibility of securing a load often make not much more than minimum wage and are poorly trained. Later, when the hauler is in transit a piece may come loose when the vehicle decelerates, accelerates, or turns.

More Regulation is Needed to Stop Loading Accidents

There is a need for greater oversight in this area. Stronger securement devices are necessary to prevent injury and death to unsuspecting drivers.

In the last year alone around the country – a 44,000-pound steel coil load fell off a turning semi in a midwestern state – striking a passenger truck and killing its driver instantly – and hit and killed the driver behind the first vehicle as well – before coming to a stop.

Drive Defensively

The best way to avoid this type of accident is to ‘give a cargo-laden semi wide berth’…and drive defensively. If you have been injured in a loading accident with a big rig speak with a semi-truck accident lawyer in Texas.

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