Humble Cement Truck Crash Results in Two Fatalities



Two people died in a crash in Humble, about 20 miles north of Houston. The accident happened when a cement truck leaked cement onto the roadway, which created a hazard for other drivers. One driver slid in the cement and lost control of his vehicle. The driver was traveling north when he hit the cement and veered out of control. The vehicle went over the median and into oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes, hitting another car head-on. Both drivers were killed in the accident.


According to police, the cement truck lost wet cement immediately after it left the plant and made a turn. The part of the truck that directs cement flow turned in a different direction and spewed damp cement. Unfortunately, drivers could not quickly avoid the hazard, and one driver lost control. The cement truck was not part of the crash. Both drivers killed in the crash died at the scene.


Truck Loads Cause Accidents


Truck cargo can be a cause or contributing factor in crashes. Trucks must secure cargo using the appropriate methods. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides cargo securement rules that include how to properly tie down cargo to keep it from shifting or falling from a commercial truck. Besides securement rules, there are laws in place that require drivers to take breaks and rest periods before they operate a cement truck. Here, an investigation will need to be completed to determine why the cement truck did not have proper securement and whether the driver played a role in the accident.


Cargo that shifts or falls from trucks is a problem for drivers in the Houston area. Many accidents have occurred in the last 12 months due to dropping or moving cargo. When cargo falls from a truck, it causes a hazard on the road. Sometimes, cargo can fly off the truck at a high rate of speed and act as a projectile, hitting into other vehicles. In some of these instances, drivers or passengers were injured due to falling cargo.


Who is Responsible for a Truck Crash?


Here, the truck was not involved in the crash, although it caused the incident. The driver’s families may be owed compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one. A party may be held responsible for a crash if he or she was negligent. The truck driver or trucking company may have been negligent.


The cement truck either had a failure or was not correctly secured during transit. Multiple parties could be to blame for the crash.

An experienced truck accident attorney will review the details and gather information to prove negligence. The attorney will work with the insurance company to resolve the claim or will sue on behalf of the injured party.


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