When Cargo Falls Off an 18 – Wheeler

Falling Load Accidents



There are many causes of serious injury and wrongful death truck accidents. One of the lesser-known causes of accidents is the dilemma of cargo that has been inadequately or poorly secured on a big rig.


Poorly Secured Truck Cargo


Truck drivers and motor carriers are paid to transport cargo from one destination to another. The trucking industry is vital to our economy and is a very important part of moving goods across the nation. While truck drivers and trucking companies have numerous regulations and rules that they must follow regarding safe driving and essay condition of their trucks, how the load is secured is also an important factor.


Weight Distribution


Karger must be distributed across the trailer so as to ensure that the big rig will not have issues because it is top-heavy or overloaded. Improperly loaded truck will have the cargo distributed across the trailer so as to achieve a balance.


Cargo Restraints


Each load must be properly  secured to keep the load from falling off of the trailer and causing an accident. Many different truck accidents could have been prevented had to load then secured according to the Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. When cargo comes flying off a trailer you can bet that the load was not properly secured according to regulations.


Federal Regulations for Securing Cargo


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides specific guidelines for securing cargo of various natures.  In the Driver’s  Handbook on Cargo Securement published by the FMCSA, rules and options for securing cargo are covered. How a specific load  should be secured depends upon the load itself.

Individual rules cover the safety requirements for individual  cargo.


Inspection of Cargo Rules


Section 392.9 FMCSR provides the safety rules and regulations for inspection of cargo and securing loads on big rigs. Truck drivers must assure themselves that the cargo was properly distributed and adequately secured and the cargo does not interfere with the driving of the rig.




Possible Responsible Parties


In addition to the truck driver and the trucking company itself other entities or persons may potentially be responsible for a load that falls off the truck and causes an accident. On the truck driver has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the load is adequately secured, it may not have been the truck driver that actually loaded the cargo. Finding inexperienced truck accident attorney who has handled falling load cases is an important first step after a loading accident.


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