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About Texas Wrongful Death Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Wrongful death trucking lawsuits.

Unfortunately, it is not expected that loss of life resulting from semi-truck accidents will end in the foreseeable future. There are a few news stories about truck drivers sent to jail after the wrongful death truck accident that killed an innocent victim. But, most of the time, it is up to an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to hold the truck driver and his company accountable.

Wrongful deaths that result from a collision with a semi-truck driver are a modern-day dilemma – and reality on Houston roadways. Sometimes, accidents are caused because the big rig driver is distracted or maybe even impaired. At other times truck wrecks are the consequence of speed, poor road, or weather conditions. Most of the time, a wrongful death big rig crash results from driver error.

The dynamics surrounding an accident are so complicated and numerous that it would not be possible to list them all here. Although the causes of a crash are always an issue in a personal injury case – here are the elements of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The most common redress for victims and their families is through the civil court system. Once the initial shock of a loss has passed – litigation may provide the only sense of justice and return to normalcy for the family. Not often is a truck company or a truck driver held accountable criminally, and even when they are, it does not financially help the family. Big trucking companies all have systems in place to investigate fatal accidents quickly. Do not start to protect your financial future at a disadvantage. Hire an attorney for a trucking accident asap.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas

Some conditions must exist for a Texas wrongful death lawsuit.

First, was the death caused in part or totality by the defendant’s actions?

Second, was the death a result of negligence on behalf of a defendant?

Finally, has the death left surviving immediate family members being a spouse, children, or parents?

Civil laws exist to ensure accountability and to provide monetary reparations to those who have been traumatized by losing a loved one. The damages in a Texas wrongful death truck accident relate to the individual damages to the surviving family.

While no one can bring back your loved one, sometimes, civil justice is the only recourse a family has after losing a loved one.

It is up to the family to choose to make use of the court system to hold a person or company accountable.

What to do After a Fatal 18-Wheeler Crash

As soon as possible after a crash with a semi-truck, the family should research attorneys to find the best wrongful death attorney for their case.  Others may often have recommendations, but it is always best to research lawyers before you sign contracts with any attorney.

While you can always change attorneys, it complicates the case, and you may find yourself in a situation of having to pay 2 different lawyers. If you check out the lawyer before signing up, the odds of being satisfied with the results can improve.

Important evidence can be lost if you wait too long to choose an attorney. The sooner you talk with a truck accident attorney in Houston, TX,  the better chance of getting all the evidence to prove your case.

While every family member can choose their own lawyer, sometimes it reduces costs if several choose the same personal injury law firm.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle

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