Recent fatal semi accidents involving tires

Tires From Tractor-Trailers Causing Crashes

The following are from reports of authentic events that had fatal results:

*In one Midwest town, 2 people were killed in separate accidents when a tire from a passing semi-truck went airborne and crashed into nearby vehicles.

*In a town out west one of two semi-truck tires came loose simultaneously from a rig and bounced down the highway – landing atop a subcompact and instantly crushing the driver – while the other rolled harmlessly until it came to rest in a parking lot.

Negligence When Wheel or Tire Comes Off

Certainly, the death of an innocent driver caused by an errant tire that has disengaged from a moving semi-truck – thereby turning it into a deadly projectile – can be traced to the negligent actions of another – either the driver or trucking company or perhaps a maintenance company.

Although specific data concerning ‘death by flying tires’ is elusive – it is fair to say that each and every year there are dozens of people who lose their lives in these horrific accidents.

Lug Nuts May Be Loose

Sadly, they can be traced to wrongful behavior such as wheels that come loose because the lug nuts are not adequately tightened or corrosion that built up on the wheels that eventually resulted in mechanical failure.

Drivers Required to Inspect Rig For Safety Issues

But most surprising of all is that flying tires have been found to be caused by drivers and carriers who simply don’t make the effort to ensure their wheels are secure.

The driver must inspect the big rig before and after each day to make sure the rig is safe. Failure to do so diligently can have very bad results.

Tire Accidents Must be Investigated

After a tire or wheel comes off the rig, it can be difficult to find the truck. Many crashes are caused by a truck tire coming off and the truck continuing to go, often unaware of the problem.

Some cases can be solved by video evidence, others by eyewitnesses. In many crashes, the truck is never identified.

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